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‘TR has the support of 60 legislators,’ says NPF

By EMN Updated: Mar 09, 2017 11:55 pm

Dimapur, March 9 (EMN): The Naga People’s Front (NPF) has asserted that the recently-resigned chief minister TR Zeliang still enjoys the support of the “60 legislators.” The party’s media cell issued a press release on Thursday offering updates from a programme in Peren where NPF leaders are said to have iterated their support to him.

“In what can be seen as rallying of forces behind the former Chief Minister TR Zeliang, several NPF legislators today confirmed that TR still enjoys the support of the assembly but that he was compelled to step down from his chair by violent mobs who demanded his resignation within a specific period of time and that he had gracefully resigned for the sake of peace and harmony in the society,” the NPF press release stated.

Attending the launching of the National Rurban Mission at Pedi (Ngwalwa) in Peren district Thursday morning, Minister for PHED Chotisuh Sazo said that the 60-member House ‘support the leadership of TR Zeliang but he “sacrificed for the sake of peace and harmony in the society”,’

“We collectively decided to hold elections tot eh Urban Local Bodies to preempt the Supreme Court from passing any adverse decision which would affect Article 371 A,” the press release quoted him as having said. “Civil societies also protested holding of elections to the ULBs with 33% reservation of seats for women to protect traditional and customary practices of the Nagas as enshrined in Article 371. But due to the entry of politically-vested interests in the movement, TR Zeliang had to vacate his chair.”

Also, Parliamentary Secretary for Law & Justice, and SIRD Picto Shohe said he along with the other 59 members of the assembly support the leadership of TR Zeliang but that due to “outside forces” he had to vacate his “CMship,” according to the press release.

“Narrating the imagery given to him by an elderly citizen of Peren district where he served for 8 years before contesting elections in 2013,” Picto said that the elderly gentleman told him that “he felt sorry for the rock in the stream because for no fault of it, the rock had been turned one side or the other by various visitors to the district from different Naga tribes while hunting and collecting fish and crabs from the streams and rivers.”

“Likewise,” Picto said, “for no fault of TR Zeliang, he had been replaced by forces from outside the assembly.”

Minister for RD and REPA CL John, who was the guest of honour in the day’s function, “went on to mention as to how TR Zeliang was ‘crucified for no fault of his but how the Government was saved by his supreme sacrifice.’”

However, the press release asserted, he was all praise for the regional party NPF which he said would “continue till the second Coming of Christ” and went on to mention about the smooth transition of power from TR Zeliang to Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu who “magnanimously parted with most of his powers to make TR Zeliang as comfortable as he can be.”

NPCC reminds NPF that its claims are an ‘insult to people’

The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has reminded the NPF that its claims that former chief minister TR Zeliang still enjoys the support of legislators, was an insult to the people. The NPCC issued a scathing press release on Thursday reminding the regional party that the massive social unrest was a result of the government’s “misgovernance.”

“NPF legislators continuous parroting about TR Zeliang’s ‘supreme sacrifice’ despite his ineptness and treachery is an insult to the people of Nagaland and particularly to the memory of those who paid with their lives during the recent public agitation,” the press release stated.

“Moreover, the statements of NPF legislators at Peren the other day were a show of no confidence in the leadership of Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu who seems to be losing his undisputable hold on the party.”

Perhaps the “lure of power has blinded the political wisdom of Dr Shurhozelie” to ‘magnanimously part with most of his powers to make TR Zeliang as comfortable as he can be’ in the role of a dual chief minister.

The bankruptcy of leaders in the NPF is slowly unfolding before the people, the Congress continued. Dissident leaders who were accused of creating trouble to topple the government were forgiven and rewarded within fortnight, it stated. “Indiscipline seems to have become the gateway for success in NPFs rotten boat. After 14 long years in power, NPF has nothing to offer to the people. NPF legislators have rather perfected the art of political sycophancy to thrive and it is the people who are at the receiving end of their instability that has affected every sphere of governance.”

The NPCC also remarked that the NPF leaders had “fully lost their moral conscience” as was “evident from their betrayal of NBCC brokered agreement with JCC that led to total lawlessness across the state.” Going one step further, the Congress stated, “they have proclaimed that NPF that will continue in power till the second coming of Christ.”

“It is unimaginable that NPF leaders who are practicing Christians can stoop down to such levels to boast about their supposed future which is nothing short of blasphemy,” the NPCC lamented.

“The change of leadership by the NPF is just an eye wash exercise to hoodwink the people in the face of massive social unrest arising out of their misgovernance,” the NPCC reminded. “Dr Shurhozelie portraying himself as reluctant Chief Minister is further creating instability with dual power centers.”

If 60 MLAs still support TR Zeliang as per the statement given by the legislators, the Congress dared, “why is Dr Shurhozelie risking his reputation in being openly ridiculed by his own party men?”

After more than 4 decades in electoral politics, if Dr Shurhozelie has any iota of self respect, he should ask his cabinet to recommend dissolution of state assembly and seek fresh mandate or else he will be remembered as “lame duck chief minister for all times to come,” it added.

By EMN Updated: Mar 09, 2017 11:55:53 pm