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TR and party observe Mother’s Day at Kaziranga

By EMN Updated: May 11, 2014 11:50 pm

“Whene’er I think of her so dear,
I feel her angel spirit near;
A voice comes floating on the air,
Reminding me of mother’s prayer.”


“WHENEVER we sang this song and ponder upon its meaning deeply, we remember our mothers and felt tear drops in our eyes,” Parliamentary Secretary, Law and Justice Dr. Nicky Kire began after singing open hymn “Mother’s Prayer”, as he chaired the simple but emotional and sober “Mother’s Day” programme at Iora Retreat Conference, Kaziranga. The programme was organised by the legislators campaigning for TR Zeliang for the post of Chief minister.
“Though we are away from home, let us pray for all mothers, daughters and wives and for those who have lost their mothers on this special day’, Dr. Nicky said.About 25 legislators and some party workers who presently are stationed at the Iora Retreat attended the Mother’s Day programme with special prayer and offering.
Parliamentary Secretary, Agri and Allied, Dr. Benjongliba read out the scriptures from the book of proverb 31:10-31 which eulogized and gave lucid pictures of praiseworthy women and from the portion of 1 Peter 3:8-17.
Minister of Road and Bridges Kuzhulozo Nienu (Azo) exhorted the gathering with reference from the of story queen Esther and Mordecaai. “If God is with us who can be against, though there be lots, so let us pray hard,” he asserted and added that the legislators gathered here have a greater decision to make and prayer is the only weapon to make this great decision a success.
Azo urged his legislator colleagues to seek God first and reminded that money and riches are secondary. “As we observe this Mother’s Day let us also commit ourselves not to indulge in corruptions and install a stronger, better, cleaner and stable government,” he said.
Azo went on to state that one should not seek God only in time of crisis but all all times. “Therefore, let us all unite through God,” he added.
Azo also led the special prayer moment for all mothers, incumbent Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio, all legislators, TR Zeliang and for the decision they have taken and thanked the legislators for full support.
TR Zeliang, the key contender for Chief Ministership, who also spoke said they are here with a purpose and to avoid unwanted sitaution. “The government is chosen by God and all this are God’s plan. Therefore, we all should commit ourselves to work for God’s glory,” he asserted.
Earlier, Parliamentary Secretary, Vety. & AH, Yitachu, pronounced the offertory prayer. The amount collected in honour of all mothers will be used for the special purpose which will be decided later by setting up committee.
The programme concluded with veledictory prayer pronounced by Social Welfare Minister Keyanilie Peseyie.

By EMN Updated: May 11, 2014 11:50:54 pm