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Torechu inaugurates villages in Kiphire

By EMN Updated: Mar 06, 2014 11:03 pm

Dimapur, March 6

Parliamentary Secretary for Excise, Economics & Statistics and LM&CP, T Torechu, has inaugurated two villages in Kiphire district which were recently recognized by the state government on March 4.The villages are Tsurevong and Jenty under Pungro-subdivision.
Addressing the Tsurevong villagers, the Parliamentary Secretary pointed out that one basic nature of human is that they first greet each other and make friendship but later on develop animosity and fight with one another. In this regard, Torechu said this should not be the case of the newly recognized villages and urged the villagers to sow the seed of unity and friendship, which would last for generations to come.
He also advised Tsurevong villagers to maintain close ties with their parent village and friendly relations with the neighbouring villages. Torechu further exhorted the villagers not to create divisions and disunity among themselves by fighting over posts of village chairman, GBs or VDB members.
Additional DC Pungro, Ms. Tainu, in her address, congratulated Tsurevong villagers for recognition of the village and welcomed them to the “administrative fold.” She also reminded the villagers that along with recognition and privileges comes obligations and responsibilities. The ADC also reminded the villagers that if they desire speedy development, they should follow the guidelines of the government.
Tsurevong village council chairman, K Thuveki, chaired the programme and P Retringki, GB, delivered the welcome address.
At Jenty village, the Parliamentary Secretary said ‘Jenty’ (ideal location in Yimchungrü dialect) with its blessed topography should not be an eyesore to neighbouring villages by remaining aloof after getting recognition. “Now that you (Jenty village) is a recognized village and accorded the status of father and mother, abandon the wanton days of your youth and assume responsibilities”, Torechu advised.
The responsibilities, according to Torechu, includes abiding by the rules of the government, respect for administration, peaceful co-existence with neighbouring villages and collective responsibility as opposed to individual imposition of decrees whether by founders or GBs of the village.
“A new village should also bring forth new action, new thinking and ideas for benefit of the present generation and posterity”, he added.

By EMN Updated: Mar 06, 2014 11:03:15 pm