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Monday, January 30, 2023
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Tom Holland ‘has a lot in common’ with Mark Wahlberg

By IANS Updated: Feb 12, 2022 7:13 pm

Los Angeles, Feb. 12 (IANS): Hollywood star Tom Holland and filmmaker Mark Wahlberg joined forces to star in the new ‘Uncharted’ movie, and in spite of their age difference, the actor says they’re actually quite similar in a lot of ways.

Holland, who plays Nathan Drake in the action-adventure film, told the ‘Backstage’ podcast:

“We had a bunch of laughs and we have a lot in common with family and golf and our love for cinema and things of that nature, so we hit it off right away. But it was challenging too, because I’m the youngest of nine so I’m not used to somebody always trying to taunt me and give me crap and compete with me – I’m usually that guy.

“So that took some getting used to, but the great thing about the relationship between Sully and Nate and (Tom and Mark) is that it has to be earned – you really do have to earn each other’s respect, earn each other’s trust, and that’s not something that comes easily.”

Holland also said they were both “going head-to-head in a friendly, combative way” on set, reports

He said: “I think there was an interesting dynamic between me being the new young guy on the scene, and he was once that young guy on the scene.

“I was perhaps at times pushing buttons every now and then because I’m the young kid and he’s the older guy and we were going head-to-head in a friendly, combative way, I guess. It was quite nice to have that kind of big brother/ little brother relationship where, you know, we were very close, but we were also going at each other quite a lot.”

By IANS Updated: Feb 12, 2022 7:13:11 pm