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Together we shall overcome Covid-19, says Kohima Municipal Council

By EMN Updated: Apr 04, 2020 5:40 pm

Dimapur, April 4 (EMN): The Kohima Municipal Council (KMC) on Saturday thanked the citizens of Kohima for their continued co-operation during the lockdown period to contain the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) and appealed to continue to do so for the safety of everyone.

In a message addressed to the citizens of Kohima, KMC administrator Kovi Meyase, acknowledged that the lockdown has been a difficult moment for all; and it has been harder to some people than the rest.

“Many lives have been adversely affected, and that is a painful experience to live through. This is a situation we have never faced before, never in a response of this scale to a crisis. Our liberty is curbed, and some of us are getting restive too. These are extraordinary trying times requiring extra ordinary patience. These are desperate times demanding desperate measures,” the message read.

It stated that preventive measures have been taken in the interest of public safety.

“It may have been difficult for many to stay at home for an extended period of time, but if required of you for the safety of your family and your dear ones, please help by staying at home. If not for yourself, please do it for your children and their future. The country requires it of you. The government requires it of you. The people require it of you,” it read.

Highlighting the importance of staying at home in the second week of the lockdown, with the incubation period of the virus suggesting that asymptomatic carriers would begin to show symptoms in the second week, the message stated that “the only way to break the cycle of infection and contain the spread is by social distancing enforced through the lockdown”.

The council also assured to do its best to mitigate the ordeal that everyone is going through. “We are in touch with your ward and colony leaders and representatives. Please share your difficulties with them so that we can join hands to help you in this difficult time,” the message from Meyase read.

“I thank you all for your continued cooperation. The difficulties we are going through is unprecedented and painful but the alternatives could be too frightening to comprehend. We have but only one option – to stay safe and practice human to human distancing even as we keep our faith intact,” it added. “Together we shall overcome. Together we can.”

By EMN Updated: Apr 04, 2020 5:40:37 pm
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