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Tobu leaders meet CM to iterate demand for district

By EMN Updated: Apr 30, 2017 11:50 pm

Dimapur, April 30 (EMN) : The Tobu District Demand Committee has met with the chief minister of Nagaland stating their demand to the government to make Tobu into a district. The committee issued a press release on Sunday informing to have met with the chief minister Sunday morning.
“Reaffirming the demand of Tobu district, more than 100 people of Tobu area spearheaded by the Tobu district demand committee met the chief minister this morning at his residence and submitted the reaffirmation letter on April 29, 2017,” the press release stated.
According to the Tobu District Demand Committee: In 1987, the government of Nagaland ‘understood the difficulties and administrative inconveniences of Tobu,’ and posted I Alienba Ao as ‘deputy commissioner’ of Tobu and his proposal upgrade to Tobu sub-division to Tobu district has remained unfulfilled since then.
“The district administrative re-organization committee 2006 led by Shri. R. Kevichusa (IAS Rtd) as the chairman has already submitted to the government of Nagaland, the demand for the upgradation (sic) of Tobu sub division to district on which the government has not taken any action yet,” the committee stated.
The committee declared that the demand for Tobu as a district was a “public cry for justice due to prolonged years of negligence and for being left in the periphery of administrative headquarter for so long and villages under Tobu areas are more than 190 kms away from Mon headquarter.”
Therefore, the committee stated, the “demand is a serious demand for just and effective convenience.”
During the brief meeting which was held at the Banquet Hall this morning, the committee stated, SP Pongba, the co-convenor of the committee, apprised the chief minister of the grievances faced by the people “due to which Tobu district is necessary.”
A Nyamnyei, a former MLA and convenor of the Tobu District Demand Committee, was stated in the press release to have said that the public of Tobu and Moka has been a strong supporter of the Naga People’s Front (NPF) party. He believes that the present Democratic Alliance of Nagaland government led by the NPF “will fulfil the aspiration of the people’s demand for the Tobu district,” the committee added.

By EMN Updated: Apr 30, 2017 11:50:53 pm