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Tobu area unions seek govt. intervention

By EMN Updated: Sep 09, 2018 10:59 pm

Dimapur, Sep. 9 (EMN): The Konyak Union Tobu branch and Tobu Area Students Union (TASU) sought intervention of the state government to the climatic emergency caused by monsoon rains in Tobu sub-division.

The two unions stated that due to the monsoon rain, road in Tobu has been blocked for almost two months and a continuous mudslides at Tesang Nallah which started on July 27 has completely cut-off the sub-division from district hq. causing untold hardships to the public of Tobu area. It also said

“People are facing shortage of essential commodities and many untold grievances. But till now no government agencies came forward for help”, maintained the press note from the two union appended by TASU presidnet A Sangti Konyak and KU Tobu SB Poangba Konyak.

While citing the grievances and sufferings that the public of Tobu went through in 2016 due to landslides which had blocked all the routes to Tobu headquarter, the two unions assumed that the state government is “giving the same treatment as done in 2016 by ignoring the ill fate that happened in the Tobu sub-division”.

It further questioned the “step-motherly” treatment of the authority in concern as why the government was neglecting the sub division.

“Is Tobu Sub-Division not a part and partial of the state government? and who was responsible to look after the grievances of Tobu sub-division?,” the press release stated.

By EMN Updated: Sep 09, 2018 10:59:50 pm