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To The Satanic Worshipers

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 Dieze I. Meyase 

YES, as the title implies, I am writing this directly to you guys, I know most of you read the papers every morning to read what is written about you. I am writing this not to condemn you people. I want each and every one of you to know that God loves you, and Jesus loves you so much. I want to say sorry for what the church has said about you, what people have said about you, condemning you and judging you. I also apologize because I also initially condemned you guys. I later realized I was wrong to condemn you if God loves you. I also realized that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. I also realized that all of you must have gone what I also went through – pain, anger, bitterness, rejection, so much that you turned against God. I also realized that we Christians have failed to give you love when you needed it most. I want to tell you that I sympathize with what you went through. I also came from a broken family, of parents separated, of anger and bitterness, of abusing myself and hating God, blaming Him for all these things. I want to tell you that I came across the love of our Father in heaven, and realized that all these things were never His doing. I experienced the kind of love which I never felt from my earthly parents or friends or the girlfriend. I understand that many of your parents have failed to love you, many of you have grown up not knowing your earthly fathers or mothers, many of you have been hurt by your parent’s separation, or fathers who left your mothers and married someone else. I can feel your pain brothers; I can feel your pain sisters. But I want you to know this, your Father in heaven loves you so much, even if you are involved in Satan worship – Romans 8:38,39. Whatever you believe, He still loves you. He gave His Son Jesus for you; He died for our pain, our anger, our rejection, our bitterness, etc. He was rejected by the Father for us, so that we may have intimacy with Him forever. Come on, my brothers and sisters, its not cool, Lucifer doesn’t do anything but hurt us, our Fathers love is way so much cooler and it is unconditional. Our parents may have hurt us, rejected us, our friends may have ostracized us, the church may have condemned us, the whole world may have been against us, but our Daddy in heaven always loves us.
I also want to ask if we the church knows this, that God loves pagans, witches, Satan worshippers, etc. He gave His life for them. Do we know that the Father of the prodigal son was always on the rooftop every morning, watching if His son was coming back? He was not condemning His son, but longing for the day when he would come back. Do we know that this is a picture of our Father in heaven? Do we know that we are all acting like the older brother when we condemn and judge our brothers and sisters in the occult? We do not wrestle against flesh and blood! This occult is not forming out of the blue; we do not realize that many of us are responsible for them acting this way. Many parents have not given time to their children; many have hurt their children in so many ways. Many have been abused, rejected, hurt and looked down upon. It is easy to take a self righteous stand behind our pulpits and condemn them, but do we realize that Christianity is about love? Loving our neighbor as ourselves, whether they be good or bad, Christian or satan worshippers. I am not endorsing or supporting their works, but can we be a mouthpiece for God, who loves them. Can we love them out of their beliefs? Yes, it is spiritual warfare, but it is not against the people involved. Do we know that love is the greatest weapon we have against the devil? Love never fails, because the moment we give them Agape love, the furious love of the Father will cast out all fear, all ungodliness, etc. Have we as the church failed to do that? Have we become so fearful of the occult when 1John 4:4 says, Greater is He that is in us, that he that is in the world. Church, shall we stop being so fearful of the devil who is already defeated at the cross. Shall we stop being so condemning and start becoming love to these lost brothers and sisters and love them out of their beliefs? Shall we realize that it is stemming out of hurt, pain, rejection, abuse, etc? Shall we look at 1 Corinthians 13 – Love is kind, love hopes all things, etc. Let us start loving them with the love of our Father, let us hug them without any fear of their beliefs. The moment we start doing that, the devil has no place in their hearts. Amen.

“Romancing The Wind – a novel on youth”

Just imagine, say you are in love with a girl – You are in a relationship for some good number of years. You are having casual relationship with her. Though you have learnt lessons to relationship in the past.
You always kept busy due to many reasons; like focusing in your career, mindful in your own family business etc.
Now as your age will not wait for you, your parents/elders/guardians, etc would remind you of a settlement wit someone you are into it. But even with that, you will keep postponing for tying the knots of a better time thinking no one is running away.
Wit this above scenario, I hope by now anyone of you would be feeling to have in such situation in your life. Here, I would want to introduce a young man, who has tried his best to portray the common scenario in one humble book in a form of a novel where he has narrated his heart with a feeling that will touch each one of us in different angles.
He is a novelist by profession – written successfully two novels till date under his kitty.
If you once go through the novel, you will notice suspense of what may expect to come in the next. He has diligently paint to write about our young society are facing into. He has thoughtfully written about the various ailments tat us are indulge into – from romance to anything you may think about. This novel has been written with good knowledge and well research that is hampering the society.
In my words, I will say is that – this novel has come out in a right time when we young ones need to understand so many things in order to prevent from being the worst. This novel has strive to sum expectation of the youths and alike with a vision that we are broad-minded and must expect any situation in life. In this little endeavor by the novelist to entertain the art of reading – why not we partake in promoting for such a person like, Aaron Kikon – who has already said to have written two novels within a span of short years. He has even published a novel from National Capital, New Delhi. But he has left them with a vision to serve better his own people back home here in Nagaland.
He may not be popular to you all or known. But, as said again that he has tried his best to provide a picture that is happening in Nagaland through his initiative by way of a novel – ROMANCING THE WIND. You will find the best in writing style, as he has able to publish from outside the state.
The novel has more than hundred pages wit different chapters without naming them. So, in this regard, one may get confuse – but for me, it was interesting because it make me to realize the suspense of going through a novel otherwise it would be like reading just a simple book but not a novel.
There are parts were only the adult youths are able to read them and not by the young ones because there are some scenes, like in a film.
So, the novelist here has tried to portray, how we really behave normally during our relationship with someone we are involved.
In this regard, I for one believes that a local novel, such as this has much scope – one that a novel reader to make it as a hobby reading them.
Secondly, to take stories out of the cupboard for better consumption in the society without any bias – but just for lessons to learn. In this way, there will be scope and a market created for a novelist to write and sell the work for livelihood.
This novel is not so thick, but for those who are bore to read will definitely have a bad time to go through. But for me, I m strongly recommending to the youths and alike to read this novel atleast once and see what’s in there. Reason, being tat it’s a well research novel about our own delicate society of today and atleast we can understand of what to do and what not to.
It would not be a lost for the buyer because it can also be used to gift to other person as a present.
The novelist with so much of his endeavor for a good common cause to bring issues to limelight and start thinking to act better – would not be a bad person trying to demoralize the society with all the bad scenes or things taken out; but it is you as an individual to think about – a chance tat the outcome is good. It is not just a church, civil society – as we say or even student bodies, etc to do the needful. But it can be from such individual as a novelist to portray knowing all the dangers faced in the society – so without much criticism we need to accept them and their works.
We try to spend any money of amount lavishly here and there – then why don’t we try this time to spend atleast an amount of Rupees Two Hundred for his little endeavor that has put for you all. Let us appreciate his little work for the society after all he has got bill to spend for printing and other purposes as a novelist. And yes, he has portrayed our society of today in a small book of pages 141 under his sole publication.
Let us appreciate him so that he will promise us to bring more and better novels for the society for you and me in the future again. But, as of now, be patient and wait for the novel as it will be available in different outlets, bookstores, etc very soon.
~ Reviewed by John Yengkhom

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