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TNSA holds first general conference

By EMN Updated: Apr 26, 2014 12:03 am


TANGSHANG Naga Students’ Association (TNSA) has held its first historic general conference from April 17 – 19 at Pangsau under Sagaing division in Myanmar where over thousands delegates from different organizations and village representatives have attended the conference.
U Zinn Wan, Phyithu Hluttaw representative Nanyun (MP) and chief guest, has termed the gathering of students ‘historic’ stating that it was the first time to hold such conference in the soil of Tangshang Naga. He encouraged TNSA to promote education as well as conserve wildlife and natural resources throughout Tangshang land.
U Maung Nyut, the guest of honour, has encouraged the TNSA members to work hard for the uplift of the education adding that education is the only weapon to transform the society.
U Yaung Rarn, member of Naga self-administration (MLA), has stressed on the importance to conserve culture which according to him is the values to identify each ethnic groups. He appreciated TNSA for organizing cultural show.
President of Changlang Redressal Forum, Lomham Tangha, said it was the first historic meet among Tangshang Nagas of both sides (India-Myanmar). He has appreciated TNSA for working hard to bring the brothers together in such a manner. He further urged to work hard together to uplift Tangshang society.
Advisor TNSA and former president of ENSA, Michael Kaita, has appealed to the Naga leaders of Myanmar Naga to find any kind of job for the Naga educated instead employing non Naga in Naga areas to avoid misleading the Naga youth.
During the conference, chief guest released ‘The history of Tangshang Naga: the advent of Christianity and its impact among the Tangshang Naga people.’
Meanwhile, the Association has elected new team of office bearers for three years term headed by J Mutu Muniak as president, ChinAung Luckee as vice president, Panna as general secretary, Hawnan as assistant general secretary, Hongong Hodioong as finance secretary, Miss. Hammu Hamo and Yangring Hangmu as assistant finance secretary, Cholung Sangwan as information secretary, W John Mutu as assistant information secretary, K Pongwang Lowang as education and statistics secretary with Kholoam as assistant, Ms Chimbun as women affairs secretary with Ms Rongcha as assistant, Leamgang as cultural secretary with Ms Khap Pyan as assistant, Aunglian as games and sports secretary with Aungmying Kimsing as assistant, Ms Kimleth as magazine secretary with Josu as assistant, Remnong Ngaimong as auditor general with Wangtong as assistant.
It has also elected Reego Shonshei and Maiko Kaitah as speakers, while the advisors are Michael Kaita, Banle, Khanton, Wangla and Rannyaung.

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