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Tiny Drops of Water Make a Mighty Ocean

By EMN Updated: Nov 18, 2020 9:34 pm

It’s amazing how our students, even the poorest performing students in the normal schooling, are securing full marks in these on-going Online Exams.

We all know that the role of the teachers and parents are reversed in this pandemic time. Parents are taking the role of the teachers – teaching and invigilating during examinations, but the question is ; how honestly are you (parents) invigilating when your child is appearing his/her exams?

God has given discerning ability to teachers who can discern – who is honestly writing his/her exams. But in this present online exam , anyone who is not a teacher can also make out easily that it is not the child who is writing – very good handwriting, perfect answers (without any spelling mistakes). It has become very easy for teachers to correct because they know that there will not be any mistakes. Of course we know there are some parents who are honestly making sure that their child write what they know, without copying – All teachers Salute these honest Parents !
The big question is – are you (parents) sowing the “ Tiny Drops“ of “Honesty“ or “Dishonesty“ in your child which will become a mighty “Ocean“ one day ?

We still have the 3rd (final) online examination left, so let us (parents) choose to show our integrity/honesty to our children who are the future of Nagaland !
God bless us all !

Seketouzo Haralu

By EMN Updated: Nov 18, 2020 9:34:07 pm