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Time for Nagaland to catch up — Ravi

By EMN Updated: Aug 15, 2019 12:11 am

Gov. lists imperatives for state in maiden I-Day message

Dimapur, August 14 (EMN): The new governor of Nagaland KN Ravi has lamented that although Nagaland has undergone a degree of transformation during its 55 years as a state, it has not been keeping up with other ‘advanced states.’

In fact, the governor stated in his Independence Day message on Wednesday, the state is “acutely cautious of the vast unmet potential of our land and people.” Likewise, the growth and development index between Nagaland and other states is “stark,” while even its connectivity infrastructure is “embarrassingly poor” even in comparison to some of its north-eastern neighbours.

Raj Bhavan issued a copy of the governor’s message on August 14 as the country celebrates its 73rd anniversary of independence.

The governor said India has emerged as the largest democracy in the world during the past 73 years as it pursued the path of a secular plural democracy.

“It has built internationally credible institutions of law, justice and a robust free media. Its identity is its immense diversity of faith, language, culture and cuisine. Indeed, it is a beautiful mosaic in which multiple faith and cultures thrive,” Ravi said.

India has become the 5th largest economy in the world, “on way to becoming the 4th largest soon.” “We are aspiring to be a $ 5 trillion economy by 2025,” he said.

The country has accomplished milestones in science and technology, space development, medicine, and defence capabilities.

“In the midst of all round fast pace growth, it pains me when we don’t see our Nagaland keeping pace with the advanced States of the Union, though in the last 55 years of Statehood, Nagaland has undergone significant transformation for the good,” Ravi stated.

On “some of the parameters of human resource development,” there has been “remarkable progress” but “we are acutely cautious of the vast unmet potential of our land and people.”

The ‘differential’ of growth and development between Nagaland and the advanced states of India is stark, he said.

“Our connectivity infrastructure is embarrassingly poor even in comparison to some of our North Eastern neighbours. The increasing opportunity cost of our slow pace development is stealing away the future of Nagaland.”

Women, youths and ‘taxations’
Further, the governor said ‘our mothers, sisters and daughters’ whose equal partnership in growth is essential, continue to suffer relatively greater deprivation in terms of access to health care, nutrition, education and employment opportunities.

“The deprivation is more acute and embarrassing in comparison to some of our neighbours. They deserve urgent better attention. To unleash the creative genius and entrepreneurial potential of our youth, we must create a congenial atmosphere, free from fear of gun and multiple taxations,” the governor said.

“They must have easy access to credit and technology. Today, Nagaland is at the cusp of history. A new dawn of peace and prosperity is beaconing Nagaland. Friends, we must not miss this historic opportunity. On this solemn occasion, I urge you all to commit ourselves to a pledge for building a Nagaland of our dreams which is the envy of the most advanced states of the Indian Union.”

The governor added that he ‘prays to God for his abiding grace on my people.’

“I pray to Him for wisdom and strength in our pilgrimage to building a peaceful, progressive and prosperous Nagaland.”

Ravi to be accorded civic reception

The new governor of Nagaland RN Ravi will be accorded a civic reception at the Nagaland Baptist Church Council convention centre on August 16 at 11:00 am. He and Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio will address the function. The government publicity agency, the department of Information and Public Relations, gave the schedule on Wednesday to the media.

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