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Three hearts unite to fulfill one wish to help the needy

By Anguvi Chishi Updated: Apr 08, 2020 7:24 pm
Members of Being Human distribute free rations to those affected by the lockdown on April 8 at Padam Pukhuri in Dimapur.

Dimapur, April 8 (EMN): It began as an early-life ‘wish’ of a person to help the needy. 30 year-old Nepeka Assumi along with the help of his sister Mary Swu and friend Kitoli Awomi fulfilled his dream to help people during a time when service to the community is the need of the hour.

The trio, calling themselves ‘Being Human,’ have started distributing free rations to daily wagers, widows, and other marginal sections of the Padam Pukhuri area in Dimapur. They have been facing financial hardships due to the ongoing nationwide lockdown.

According to them, the rations are provided as a specific package to last a week. The essential items include rice (10 kg), eggs (one set), onions, tomatoes, potatoes, and other essential items.

Assumi told Eastern Mirror that he had for a long time wanted to help the poor and needy who are going through financial hardships.

However, with only a mere idea about how to go about it, Assumi said he shared his idea with his sister and a friend who fortunately also had the same willingness to help.  

They posted their initiative on Whatsapp in the hope of receiving freewill donations. He said to have been overwhelmed by the response of their friends to the call.

With things in order, he said the small group bought the essentials from the money they received for the cause. Some had donated in cash and some in essentials.

‘As of now, we are only able to distribute in and around Padam Pukhuri area as we still don’t have permission to go out. However, we really want to reach out to those people who stay beyond our boundaries,’ Assumi said.

Assumi said they asked friends, relatives and even strangers to identify people who might need the rations in the locality. They were besides the ones the three identified. Once they received information about the people needing the rations, they went and distributed the essential items, he said.

By Anguvi Chishi Updated: Apr 08, 2020 7:24:41 pm
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