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Three female bikers on the road to break stereotypes

By Reyivolü Rhakho Updated: Apr 08, 2021 11:43 pm
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(left to right) Nirmala, Onen Nenty and Rosalynn. (EM images)

Our Correspondent
Kohima, April 8 (EMN): Three female bikers from North East India are on a mission to redefine and break stereotypes and convey the message of women empowerment along the way.

Nirmali from Assam, Rosalynn from Mizorma and Onenienla Imsong, popularly known as Onen Nenty from Nagaland, have embarked on a tour to seven sisters of the North Eastern states in seven days.

The trio had covered around 2000 km when they landed in the sixth state in Nagaland’s Kohima on Thursday after they started their journey five days ago.

In a small welcome programme organised by KK Motor Royal Enfield, Kohima at The Heritage, the trio shared their experiences onthe journey so far.

Nenty, who was leading the trio, said the tour was different from others because for the first time from North East, women riders had come together and were contributing to the society.

Initially, they were looking forward to tour seven sisters of the North Eastern states with seven female bikers (representative from each state) in seven days to make it as seven-seven-seven. But, when they tried to find female riders from other states, only three of them turned up for the tour, she informed.

Talking about the purpose of their journey, Nenty said that it was all about redefining North East and breaking the stereotype.

“We just don’t want to travel and have fun but we wanted to do more than that. We wanted to focus on the purpose of our riding, that is, passion with a mission,” she said.

Through it, the trio intended to showcase the beauty of the North Eastern states and tell others that there is so much in store for outsiders to explore the region.

She said the ‘tour was the first awakening about tourism in the region’.

Another thing was to break stereotype, create awareness and inspire other women through their seven-day journey.

“We are not just women who is so much comfortable in our kitchen. We want to think beyond the kitchen. It’s high time to come out of our comfort zone”, Nenty said.

“Women have the capability to do everything. If one follow their passion and dreams everything is possible,” she added.

She further said that throughout their journey, locals including entrepreneurs have came forward and helped them.

“It was locals who sponsored their stay and hosted them. Because of the support and love from every state, they were able to reach the sixth state, Nagalandon Thursday,” she added.

“Seven states in seven days was not easy to cover, as we have to travel about 300 to 400 km. on a daily basis braving all kinds of road conditions. But we take that as a challenge,” Nenty said on the challenges they faced.

“To achieve extraordinary things one have to be crazy because normal people don’t achieve extra ordinary things,” she said adding that they are the crazy ones.

When asked why not include Sikkim, they said that Sikkim is our brother and is very close to our hearts. ‘Maybe next time we will team with female riders there and tour together as well,’ she said.

She also said that they were inspired by the 15 Mahila IR Battalion, Nagaland Police, who carry out their duties well not only in the state but also outside of the state.

‘The North East has so much to cherish if only we come together, support each other and motivate each other,’ according to Nenty.

Nirmali shared that they were showered with love and support from everyone they came across, which made  them feel special.

Citing further on the experience, she said the roads were challenging as they rode on the good roads, the bad roads, off roads and no roads. Nevertheless, the experience was adventurous, she added.

Nirmala, who brokethe record of covering one lakh km travelling various places,  recounted her previous experiences. She said to have come across a lot of people who are not aware of North Eastern states. Some people have even asked her if North East is a safe place, and whether there is road connection and hotels to stay for the night.

“Through this tour, we are trying to represent the NE states and to showcase the region as much as possible. And we feel proud to be representing our state”, she said.

She added this time, it was just seven sisters but they look forward to travel with riders from Sikkim, the brother of seven sisters.

The trio bikers would be heading to Itanagar from Dimapur on Friday after whicha flagged in programme would be held at Kaziranga in Assam on the seventh day.

By Reyivolü Rhakho Updated: Apr 08, 2021 11:43:53 pm
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