This Volunteer Family Is Holding The Fort For Dimapur’s Chief Quarantine
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This volunteer family is holding the fort for Dimapur’s chief quarantine

By EMN Updated: Apr 17, 2020 10:05 pm
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Red Cross volunteers place commodities at a location in Dimapur. A group of volunteers are delivering essentials to citizens at Ghorapatti and Marwari Patti, the city’s two ‘containment’ areas.

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Dimapur, April 17 (EMN):

India is in a lockdown as it fights the coronavirus pandemic. In the north-eastern state of Nagaland the lockdown has forced businesses to shut while the state’s people stay indoors. They are to stay indoors. The situation has created a need for public delivery systems that would ensure that home and families have food and essential commodities supply.

Some of the groups of people who are filling the gap are Red Cross volunteers. They are going about delivering essential commodities to citizens who reside at Ghorapatti and Marwari Patti, Dimapur’s two ‘containment’ areas.

A Red Cross volunteer, Rakesh Kumar Jain, delivers essential commodities and medicines to the containment area. He said the volunteers decided to lend a hand because the people are facing lots of problems and humanity is what is required during these challenging times.

Jain said most calls are for medicines especially for the elderly and senior citizens who need regular medication. He added that on April 16 the volunteers got a permit from the chief medical officer (CMO) to open two chemists and a grocery within the containment area.

On April 16, the volunteers were able to deliver medicines to around 30 families, Jain informed. They need to maintain distance from people as a precaution. For instance, the medicine and the money are placed on the ground as precaution to not involve contact. The people then take the ordered items literally from their doorsteps.

The CMO gave the permit to open the grocery shops in the containment area because it had been several days that the shops had not been open. People had not been getting their supplies and had been facing difficulties, he said.

When queried about the availability of essential commodities and medicines, he said immediate supplies are available in the area. Even the medicines are available because the CMO had allowed two chemists to open in the area, the volunteers informed.

The volunteers said to get calls from other colony people as well. Some people even complain why the volunteers are not delivering goods to their areas.

Jain said they also get lots of orders for vegetables because the green food markets are closed. They receive calls even for non-essential commodities, it was informed. However, the volunteers are cautious that they might receive a backlash from people if they leave the containment area.

A few on call for many calls

Jain informed that the volunteers receive more than 100 calls a day. It has been like a ‘call center,’ the volunteer remarked. On Friday when this report was being written, it was informed that the Red Cross volunteers delivered essential commodities to approximately 50-60 families and medicines to a similar number of people.

Two people take care of the medicine orders to get the job done, while he takes care of the grocery. One of his friends, Vineet Baid, also helps in taking orders from people from home.

There are no timings, he said. They work from morning till dawn. They also deliver medicines even at midnight if there are emergency cases, the volunteers said, adding that they receive orders and deliver the goods the next day. The orders are increasing day by day, the volunteers informed.

Jain said there is a lot of garbage piling up along the streets there. The area is getting dirtier because no garbage trucks are allowed to enter. The volunteers have requested the district authorities to look into the matter.

If the waste keeps increasing it would create more problems in the containment area, the volunteers opined.

Humanity is the reason

When asked about the reason behind their decision to volunteer during a difficult time, he spoke about being members of the Rotary Club of Dimapur. The members do social work. When people need help, they help in whatever possible way they can.

Further, the volunteer informed that he had worked at a blood bank. He has donated blood 38th times till date. His wife, Priya Jain, is a member of the Leo Club of Dimapur, it was informed.

The Red Cross volunteers who came forward to assist are all family members. Rakesh Kumar Jain and Priya Jain are newlyweds. They married this year while Ashok Kumar is Rakesh Kumar’s elder brother. Vinnet Baid a friend of Rakesh who is helping with receiving orders from people.

By EMN Updated: Apr 17, 2020 10:05:48 pm
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