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Monday, December 11, 2023

Hundreds of people participate in Naga Solidarity Walk from Kohima to Senapati

By Reyivolü Rhakho Updated: Jul 28, 2022 7:50 pm

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Kohima, July 28 (EMN):
Advisor of Global Naga Forum (GNF), Dr. Visier Sanyü, on Thursday, asserted that Nagas were deeply divided but there was a time for everything—‘a time to heal, a time to kill; a time to laugh and a time to cry’.

“This is the right time to come together to build our nation as one people for one destiny”, Sanyü observed while speaking at the kick-off programme of the two-day Naga Solidarity Walk at Lerie junction in Kohima.

 “We are walking so that we can become one people—defend our land and our people—with the right spirit”, he said.

Sanyü, who is also the president of Overseas Naga Association, said that through the walk, they want to show the world that Nagas are “one people”.

He went on to add that in the past, ancestors and leaders fought to defend the land with guns.

“But guns have an expiry date and that period is gone. Today, we want to fight for our people with our heart and with our love”, he said.

He expressed hope that the solidarity walk would “enrapture our souls to do the right thing and that we do get blessings from God for a people who loves our land so much”.

Convenor of the Naga Solidarity Walk, Kevitho Kera, reiterated that the event is a peaceful walk and appealed to all not to indulge in any form of violence. He further urged not to provoke soldiers or traffic police and avoid disrupting traffic.

Participants at the two-day Naga solidarity walk from Nagaland to Manipur.  (EM images)

A participant in the rally Rev. Shonnai Saka from Chandel, Manipur, belonging to UIPO (Khoibu) Naga tribe, said that for many years, Nagas were struggling for oneness. However, he expressed optimism that the rally will give the Nagas a solution.

The UIPO (Khoibu) Naga tribe, which is one of the smallest and last recognised tribes, has around 40 participants divided into three teams, according to Saka. The first team started from Kohima while team B will arrive in Viswema and team C will join in Senapati.

President, Sirti Upa Ruh (Monsang Tribe Union), Chandel, Ng Benithan said that he, along with his team, had arrived in Kohima from Chandel on Wednesday to take part in the rally. He added that more participants will join them at Maram as well as in Senapati.

“This is a common journey for our Naga people. It is for the Naga nation”, he added and expressed hope that the rally will bring a sense of unity among the Nagas.

President of Southern Angami Public Organisation, Kevipodi Sophie, conveyed the region’s “fullest support” to make the walk a success. He added that every Southern Angami village would provide refreshment at every village gate and the youths will volunteer for their safe passage throughout their journey in the area.

Similarly, the president of the Southern Angami Youth Organisation, Metekhrielie Mejura said they had deployed their youths at strategic locations and village councils had arranged food for the participants. He assured that the youth were there to make sure that the walkers cross the Southern Angami jurisdiction safely. 

The walkers will be halting the night at Maram and proceed to Senapati the following day, where the culmination programme will be held.

The rally is being organised by the Global Naga Forum and various co-organisers.

 “This is the start of the 21st century Naga Solidarity Walk, the first leg of a people’s relay for unity and peace in the Naga homeland. This is not an anti-India project; this is a pro-Naga movement and a non-violent one”, GNF had earlier stated.

By Reyivolü Rhakho Updated: Jul 28, 2022 7:50:14 pm
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