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Friday, June 09, 2023
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The Yearly Shadow of Scholarship in Nagaland

By EMN Updated: Jun 07, 2019 9:57 pm

The Directorate of Higher and Technical Education has been functioning with the sole aim of promoting the welfare of the Students at all cost. The hard labour put in by the Directorate is well appreciated. But there can be black and white side of some directorates and departments. When white appears, people forget the black side. When black appears, people forget the white side. This is how life goes on in many offices. Many black events can be erased easily by the use of sweet words. And many pleasant events can be smeared with dirty words to spoil their appearance.

The world is filled with both good and bad men alike. Both are trying to thrive in life. The good man is often silenced by the words and deeds of bad man. Likewise, many corrupt officers continue to enjoy their life at the expense of others money and property. Directorate and department are not set up for suppressing the well-being of the people. Rather, they are meant for service. The Directorate of H & TE is also serving the people of Nagaland to the best of its ability in spite of some short comings.

There comes about collision of interests and facts when the incoming and outgoing do not tally well. This is short is the story of Scholarship meant for deserving Students. Almost every year, Students express their unhappiness with regard to Scholarship. There can be numerous valid reasons for the delay of Scholarship. When the Government releases Scholarship in terms of crores of rupees, what happens afterwards is like a dirty pond where all are trying to fish. Scholarship is disbursed either lately or with lesser amount. Are there some people who turn Scholarship into a business? Are we giving birth to a gang of robbers by the messing up with Scholarship? Are there some officials who continuously eat up poor students’ money? I hope there is none in Nagaland.

Students have been smelling some discrepancies for the past few years. The smell comes often because of some corrupt officials. The Comptroller and Auditor General report, 2017, found discrepancies. Later the directorate “recompensated”…. “recovered the lost money and it was submitted.” Such discrepancies were created either due to miscalculation (weak calculator) or by conscience misappropriation. Every deserving Student must be given his/her due share of Scholarship at the right time. I am sure the Directorate will give its best in promoting the life of young Students in Nagaland. But what happened during the peaceful protest disturbed the good conscience of many people. The fault can lie with the Students or the Directorate. Proper investigation will give us failure or success result.

Some points for further reflection:-
1. Just because the Students did not get rightful permission for peaceful protest, can the authorities/police forces take up violence against them?

2. If the students are termed as defaulters (for they did not get rightful permission), what about the alleged culprits who corrupted Scholarship money without any permission?

3. Can the Directorate specify clearly the amount of Scholarship meant for Students of different categories respectively every year?

4. If injustice is done to deserving Students, who should take up the cause of the Students? NSF, ANCSU, Concerned Minister, Directorate?

5. Is there corruption-free Scholarship in the Directorate?

6. If ANCSU by going to the street has created a negative note of the Department of Higher and Technical Education, what about the Department who is the cause of protests and strikes? (I believe that no student will take up peaceful protest or hunger strike for silly reason)

7. Are Students becoming victims of some officials and Police forces?

If we want our society to grow towards respect and dignity, we must give timeand space for Students grow in peace and understanding. The more they understand life, our society will continue to climb the heights of development. The more they learn to live in peace, the more they will give themselves in selfless service. Let us not allow our Students to become victims of threat and violence.

I pray that the honourable concerned Minister and the Directorate will clear the shadow of Scholarship once and for all.

“A just society begins with a just man and woman.”

Rev. Fr. G L Khing

By EMN Updated: Jun 07, 2019 9:57:48 pm