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The Word of God: Beam of Light in Dark Paths

By EMN Updated: Mar 28, 2020 10:47 pm

Where do I begin? Of late, we’re bombarded with un-sort-able information on Covid-19 such as research findings, updates on the affected countries, number of deaths in a single day, invention of drugs for Coronavirus, government orders, travel advisories, precautionary measures, medical advices, sermons, prophecies, etc., some of which are very helpful and many are rumours too. God only knows the intention of the post masters but I believe that, all information are being forwarded for our awareness and prevention. Even rumours have made us wiser, more cautious, and vigilant! Yet, amid this incessant flow of information, we’re kindled with apprehension, fear, and confusion not only about the pandemic but also for our daily needs? The government is doing its best; the medical fraternity is dealing with the issue on war-footing but our doubts are not fully cleared; our fears are not totally gone! Human’s best efforts are liable to face unintentional flaws. One who was tested Covid-19 positive turned out negative on second test in Assam just a couple of days ago; many who have been screened across the country could be carriers of the virus after all not all machines are perfect and human inadequacy is just a part of life. We’re also so confused right now! There’s no consensus on whether we should go to church or pray at home? Individuals may make their own choice but to be in the same boat is just impossible? Then who will teach us the right path? Where do we go from here? Where do we turn to for guidance?

The Word of God in Psalm 119:105 gives us a sense of direction in a situation such as this: “Your Word, O God, is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path.” God’s Word is the light that helps us follow the right path. In the words of Warren Wiersbe, the ancient world did not have lights such as we have today, the people carried little clay dishes containing oil, and the light illuminated the path only one step ahead. We do not see the whole route at one time, for we walk by faith when we follow the Word. We’re at a dark moment right now; and our future is cloudy too; only God’s light—the Word—can guide us aright.

The Word of God is Relevant: The Bible is not only “The window through which we can look into eternity (Dwight), but also a constant guide for our day to day living especially such as today. Preparedness at all level is extremely vital; however, God stands supreme in every situation. Without God, even treatment with the right drug could go wrong or the right treatment could be at the wrong time: God’s own Word reminds us, “Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stays awake in vain” (Psalm 127:1). God is not our last resort; we don’t turn to him when all means fail. He is the God over space and time. Verses from the Word of God such as 2 Chronicles 7:14, Psalm 91, Isaiah 26:20; 30:21, Jeremiah 17:14, etc. are being repeatedly sent by many people. They’re indeed reassuring! The apostle Paul admonished young Timothy to preach the Word “in season and out of season.” In fact, there’s no season to preach or not to preach the Word. What Paul meant to say was that, the Word of God is relevant at all time, and that it has to be boldly declared at favourable times as well as unfavourable times. This trying situation has prompted many people to turn to the Word of God to find richer meaning in it. Some could be hearing some parts of God’s Word for the first time. Blessed are those who hear God’s Word and take it as lamp to their feet and light to their path!

The Word of God is Infallible: I really do not know if it’s God himself who has sent this pestilence in the form of Coronavirus, but I’m very sure, it’s not without his knowledge. If it were not his will, he would have stopped it! But, no matter what, God can turn this horrific situation into something good for humanity. All we need to do at this perplexing time is to stay focused: focused on the Word of God. I believe in science, and I believe in prophecy, but anything inconsistent with the Word of God is questionable. God has everything written in his Word what he wants us to know and follow. The Scripture references (mentioned above) are from the living God through his prophets. What God has declared will come to pass. Some are happening today! Many of what I’ve stated here could be wrong or simply half-truth, but the Word of God cannot be wrong. Therefore, it is worth turning to the Word of God for courage, strength, and find a sense of direction during this confusing moment. People may doubt our opinion but nobody can doubt God’s Word, because God’s Word is infallible. If Biblical authority is our doctrine, this is the time that we practice it.

The Word of God is Reliable: We need not be bogged down by threats and warnings although fear is a part of human life. It is said, “80% of our fears don’t happen; 12% may happen or may not happen; only 8% really happen (Anon). In my opinion, there are two kinds of fear: you fear evil and run away from it, but you fear God and run to him. Therefore, fear is not totally bad! When we cannot do anything about our situation, one thing we can do is, leave the situation to God and seek his guidance from his Word. Then we can experience “peaceful anxiety” – peace in the midst of anxiety. Fear prompts us to turn to God and find solace. It’s Ok not to be OK sometimes; every experience in life teach us something new to become a better person, to live in a better way, doing better things. Now, we’re very sure that, what is happening to world right now is not totally strange because God has foretold us in his Word. The phenomena of the last days are seen and heard more often than ever and they’re beyond human control. At this chaotic situation we can turn to the Word of God and humbly seek guidance how to live each day and move forward. If need be, God’s Word can also prepare us to face death boldly and go with much hope for a better life beyond this planet! God’s Word is relevant, infallible, and reliable today. Even as we spend time at home for a couple of Sundays and beyond for family devotions and prayers, let the Word of God be a lamp to our feet as individuals and a light to our path in our corporate life as we move ahead towards uncertain days!

Chekrovei Cho-o

By EMN Updated: Mar 28, 2020 10:47:57 pm