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Saturday, June 03, 2023

The wolf and the lamb

By EMN Updated: Oct 06, 2013 12:32 am

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hile lapping water at the head of a running brook, a wolf noticed a stray lamb some distance down the stream. Once he made up his mind to attack her, he began thinking of plausible excuse for making her his prey.
“Scoundrel!” he cried, running up to her. “How dare you muddle the water that I am drinking!”
“Please forgive me,” the lamb said meekly, “but I don’t see how I could have done anything to the water since it runs from you to me, not from me to you.”“Be that as it may,” the wolf retorted, “but you know it was only a year ago that you called me many bad names behind my back.”
“Oh, sir,” said the lamb, “I wasn’t even born a year ago.”
“Well,” the wolf asserted, “if it wasn’t you, it was your mother, and that’s all the same to me. Anyway, it’s no use trying to argue with me out of my supper.”
And without another word, he fell upon the poor helpless goat and tore her to pieces.
The moral of this story is that a tyrant will always find an excuse for his tyranny. So it is useless for the innocent to seek justice through reasoning when the oppressor intends to be unjust.
Yet, there is still a remedy. And that is to fight for justice even if you have to die trying for it because your efforts will have a domino effect and others too will be encouraged to take up the cudgels and ensure that justice ultimately prevails. That is how any society progresses as is evident by world history.
We too can ensure justice and it is encouraging to note that people are finally getting fed up of tyranny of all kinds in our land and the youth especially are now gearing up to slam it because that is the only way that tyrants can learn a lesson.
The wisdom of the Scriptures notwithstanding, it is not the meek that are inheriting the earth—not yet anyway. Nevertheless it would be wiser on the part of would be tyrants not to push even the meek beyond a certain point lest they finally get the brunt of the accumulated frustrations and anger.

By EMN Updated: Oct 06, 2013 12:32:00 am