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Tuesday, April 23, 2024
Zeena Singh

The Wake-Up Call

By EMN Updated: Aug 19, 2017 9:46 pm

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I infer and conclude that having spent almost all of my life in places where sunshine was a much sought- after luxury, I can now reckon and construe my love for daylight, luminosity, and give full justification for my complete partiality and predilection to warm sunny days and summer.

I have got to confess to being an ardent romantic about the beauty of sunsets, yet a manic depressive at sun-downs conferring a similar bearing toward the cold of winters.

The Sun has a way with me.

Day break lifts my spirits and I am filled with a kind of renewed unrestrained verve and vitality. As sunlight spills over, joie de vivre takes over any form of lethargy or trace of slump. It is unmistakably Vitamin D for the body and of the soul, that even birds can’t resist their melodious twitters at the sight of the glorious golden glow.

Better yet is the smell of sunshine. Nothing has smelt fresher to me than the waft of crisp clean freshness found in laundry and linen hung out in the warmth of the sun.  Its aromatic fragrance gives off as much, as does fresh rain on dry ground and I’ve found myself every so often, revelling in it.

Piercing through a blanketed thicket of forested woods, life blooms in the tiniest flowering shrub. Brooks and streams gurgle and sparkle in the bask of the sun’s warmth.

Stepping out of numb cold environs into the dynamic radiance of the sun has always been such a welcome sensation reaching right into the bones through to the cockles of the heart, certainly radiating a glow of pure contentment and gladness, a pleasure only one can absorb, but certainly exude involuntarily.

All glory, praise and honour will forever be on my lips to God the creator of this Universe, for the fourth day of creation when the Sun came into being and the wonder of its blessing, bringing life and healing to one and all.

By EMN Updated: Aug 19, 2017 9:46:05 pm
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