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The Uncanny bombs

By EMN Updated: Feb 26, 2015 10:04 pm

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he offshoots of NPF’s drama are now becoming murkier as to piercing overhead tank with bullet, leaving an unexploded bomb in a visible area of the compound of a defected MLA in Dimapur and another bomb explosion at the security fencing of similar defector at Kohima on 18th and 21st February, 2015 respectively. Both the attempts appeared to be more of dispatching signals and threat than of sincere attempt to cause harm to anybody.
The explosion at Old Ministers’ Hill, Kohima would have caused casualty had not the planters exploded it in the complete absence of any soul.
Whatever may be the intention of the plotter or the plotters, political gaming with violence sans Christian ethic. Better political games can be played without abominable tactics as intimidations, coercions and violence. Players, in this drama, may not be realizing, as they are all being hypnotized in their hallucination over the chair of power, how much damage they have already caused to the name of Jesus Christ particularly in the sight of unbelievers.
Indeed, it is a disgrace to Christianity and an embarrassment to fellow Christians in the country. Although I do not know who engineered the schemes and who carried out the firing and the blast of bomb in Dimapur and Kohima, the accusing finger is at NPF despite of public condemnation and counter condemnation by both the contending factions. Better stop introducing such new harmful cultures just for selfish gains.
In the interest of probe, let me provoke those who are interested.
Firstly, is history being repeated? Once upon a time in Nagaland, there was an MLA who was anxious to be surrounded by bevy Police body guards. In those days, an MLA was entitled to only one or maximum two Police personnel. He knew that his security guard would be enhanced only when his life is under threat. Unfortunately, he became nobody’s target, was not the enemy of anyone and remained less significant in term of security status with two bodyguards. He, therefore, arranged self ambush during one of his movements. Perhaps the Honourable MLA issued limited shots to his attackers to be fired in the air at the indicated spot at the appointed time.
The next day, few local papers carried in headlines that the MLA’s life was attempted but escaped without anyone being hurt. Following, the Home Department had no option but to detail more sepoys for him with an escort gypsy vehicle.
With Police escort, the MLA looked more of a VIP in the eye of his gullible peers. More interesting scene followed….. but not now.
Secondly, is there anyone condemning own act? There is room big enough for both the NPF factions to patronise blame games and tarnish each other’s image. Whereas, the general public are susceptible to be towed away from the truth.
Thirdly, when the said threats were aimed at the betrayals of Kaito/Noke faction, the first impression of such dastardly act is to hold this faction responsible. Yet, the simple mathematic is that it may not necessarily be so or may be, I do not know. Because it is obvious that any security threat that happens to any of the betrayals, the high tendency of suspicion is on this faction. Therefore, any unscrupulous element or the adversary may take advantage in disguise.
In the light of above, the two incidents should not be categorized as minor just because no life was lost or no massive damage of property was caused. The concerned authority must try to investigate, find the ground realities and expose those who involved in it followed by booking of the culprit. Should the incidents be a mere ploy with tacit understanding, then the people who condemned the acts would be laughed at by the doers. Whoever it may be, the public should not be taken for a ride.

Z. Lohe

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