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The two faces of PM Modi

By EMN Updated: Feb 19, 2015 10:06 pm

The RSS could not do what it wanted to do during the regime of BJP Govt. headed by former PM Vajpai. I presumed that RSS found the PM Modi to be more forthcoming than the other senior BJP leaders to have tacit understanding for them to carry out its Hinduism agendas in India. The drastic dismantle of the hierarchical cadre system of leadership on the basis of seniority shook the BJP party prior to 2014 Parliamentary elections. There was much rift in BJP which led to the expulsion of a prominent senior leader.On the strength of such tie up, the RSS and its cohorts, with the massive support of BJP ministers and MPs, have been on rampage in imposing its Hindutva agendas on Christians and Muslims since BJP formed its ministry. Reiterating the principal antinational activities of RSS are idolising the murderer of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi by RSS cadre Nathuram Godse, successive destruction of Christian churches, erasing Christmas from national calendar, massive and rampant proselytization beside hate and incendiary speeches.
Despite of the above disintegrating activities of Modi’s work force, and despite of the Opposition MPs stalling sittings in the last Parliament session in protest against coerce conversions and demanding statement from PM Modi, he decisively remained evasive and silent. Modi had, perhaps, to fulfil his commitment to his work force RSS and its affiliated units. Modi, thus allowed his work force to have freehand for Hindunization of India. Thus, secularism is greatly challenged. Thus, Modi became a communal PM and the PM of Hindus exclusively. This is the 1st Face of the PM Modi.
In response to PM Modi’s invitation, American President Barak Obama came to be the chief guest on Republic day. On the last leg of his visit, the President of USA made a very obvious and direct remark on the Hindu fundamentalists’ intolerance of religious minorities in his address in the Town Hall at Delhi. Obama said ‘India will succeed so long it is not splintered on religious lines.” In other word, India may not see the much publicised ‘ache din’ if PM Modi gives more importance to Hindutva than governance. He even reminded PM Modi and his Govt. on the secular principles imbibed in Art 25. Why the President of America had to remind India about a particular constitutional provision? All the way from America, President Obama came to tell BJP Govt. to uphold the principle of secularism. Not long after his return to America, Obama, in his address to a gathering of inter-religious prayer meeting, criticised India that the ongoing religious intolerance by BJP and its activists ‘would have shocked Gandhiji’ had he been alive today.
Yet, BJP tried its best to play down the kind of Obama’s warning. Mr. Swapan Dasgupta, a political columnist opined in his write up that ‘Obama parting speech won’t do Modi political harm.’ Some extremist Hindus expressed their dismay that it is none of the business of Obama to talk about religious intolerance while in Indian soil.
The Obama’s indictment did not deter PM Modi and team from furthering their Hindu rashtra agenda till BJP was routed in snap Delhi Assembly poll on 7.2.2015. BJP was confident that it would be an easy walk over in Delhi Assembly poll repeating what it could do in few other States post Parliamentary election. BJP thought that it could play with AAP as a cat with mice. Yet, as God the Jehovah is there, the utter reverse is the mice AAP had eaten the big fat cat BJP.
Secondly, the continuous persecution of Christians across India by PM Modi’s work force is noticed by other nations. A small but very significant incident in Bothell in Washington State in which somebody spray printed the swastika with the warning ‘Get Out’ on the wall of Hindu temple. Such warning to Hindus in America is unethical and against secularism. Christians do not approve such threat to any religious group. Nonetheless, it is a good reminder to Hinduism fundamentalists in India that they are not the sole license holder to call shots. If Hindu extremists are capable of harassing the minority Christians in India, there will be retaliation against the Hindus in other places from other quarters. What BJP has allowed its activists to sow the seed in India, the diaspora Hindus in USA are reaping.
These two events, the mice devouring the cat in Delhi and the graffiti on the temple wall in America, perhaps, compelled PM Modi to have facial plastic surgery on emergency basis. PM Modi wore the secular plastic face and mingled with Christian leaders in Delhi on 17.2.2015 in a Christian function. PM Modi then spoke about secularism and assured that minorities will be protected. This is the 2nd face of PM Modi. Thank you PM. The AICC (All India Christian Council) has welcomed it and even hailed. Nothing wrong. Yet, the question is, whether the BJP workers will now relent in their zest to install Hindu rashtra. Whether Modi’s assurance would be double talk or will he contain the persecution of Christians is to be watched first than hailing.
Meanwhile, as apprehended, certain prominent Christian leader from Nagaland vehemently defended PM Modi and NDA from being blamed for attacks on Christians as appeared in local media on 18.2.2015. He ‘sought to give clean chit to PM Modi and NDA branding such criticisms are ‘only cheap politics’. Each citizen has the liberty to call the aforementioned persecutions of Christians by BJP workers as nothing and cheap politics. Should there be more such persecutions in the days to come under the patronage of BJP ministry, still should Modi and his NDA be immune from blame? President Obama indicted counterpart Modi twice in his face in India and also at home. PM Modi has admittedly realized his mistake on silence on those atrocities meted out to fellow Christians and thus he assured protection henceforth. Amazing! A Naga Christian leader has joined Hinduism activists as by the degree of giving clean chit to BJP leader. Who am I to tame? It is none of my business. The only botheration is playing politics at the expense of the security of minority Christians is unfortunate. NBCC may pray hard for this type of leader.

By EMN Updated: Feb 19, 2015 10:06:06 pm