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The truth shall prevail, says Dr Shurhozelie led NPF

By EMN Updated: Jan 28, 2015 12:31 am


The Shurhozelie led NPF said it down played the “cheap political gimmick of defector leaders of the rebel group” Imkong L. Imchen and G. Kaito Aye, whose desperation and frustration are being exposed often with their own manufactured false hope to keep the upcoming Legislator locked at their concentration “Sovima camp”, curtailing all human rights of likeminded legislators who wish to join the mainstream under the leadership of T.R Zeliang and the “unshakeable” presidentship of Dr. Shurhozelie Liezetsu. It then said the rebel group led by highly identified “arrogant” figure like Imkong L. Imchen who is known for “his foot in the mouth syndrome” has merit of arrogant with multiple controversial cases for his unscrupulous activities during his ministership. A typical and notorious character who seems to be “educated but Ignorant” who always undermines other, the Shurhozelie led NPF said. As usual, he threatens everyone with his fist tight and dictating the state government servants to disobey the popular governments order is unbecoming of a leader, the TR Zeliang government is still functioning smoothly and shall continue to govern in the larger interest of public unlike Rio and Imkong leadership, it added.
The statement then said the Naga people have been praying for effective deliverance ever since the NPF Led DAN government came to power in 2003. However, the public outcry on favouritism, nepotism and corruption has become routine affairs of the government that spoil the image of NPF led party government during these collective rebel leaders camping at Sovima who are mainly responsible for misrule of the popular government, the statement alleged. Still hunting to quench their political lust, they are trying desperately to grab power again through back-door game, it further alleged.
“State coffer has been emptied by N. Rio ministry and left the state government crippled to deficits, state road condition plunge to primitive age under G. Kaito Aye, industries defunct, agricultural sectors paralysed, rural development, educational and health sectors placed at the back seat under the well know ministership of these rebel leaders of Sovima dissident group,” it accused. “With greed eye, Mr. N. Rio left CM’s post in spite of party men’s opposition and his subsequent failure to convince Delhi leadership for ministerial berth, he began to instigate his old comrades who were dropped under the T. R Zeliang ministry to topple and grab power to further their mission of corruption eyeing at next state financial year to be effective from April 1, 2015”, it further accused.
Nagas were known by our honesty, generosity, socially intact which is our natural gifted principle. The Nagas began to experience the unwanted governance practice like wanton corruption, nepotism, favoritism and immoral activities under ministry of these few Rebel group leaders. Today, these desperados are using all their available wealth/resources acquired/accumulated during their stay in power to topple the party backed government under the chief ministership of T.R Zeliang, the statement of Shurhozelie led NPF also said. Chief Minister T.R Zeliang has record of six consecutive wins in the legislative assembly and in between he has also served as MP (Rajya Sabha), whose experience as legislator and administrator cannot be undermined by leveling false accusation, the statement also said.
“Ever since Nagas began our political journey, the regionalist party took its strong defending stand to uphold Nagas inherent rights and maintain its basic principle till today. The political opportunist like N. Rio, Imkong L. Imchen and G. Kaito Aye, shifted their loyalty from congress like chameleon and began to suck everything they could stretch their hand. Today N. Rio is called to be tall figure and recognised because of the platform provided by this party whose launching pad were prepared and projected by our utmost respected president Dr. Shurhozelie Leizietsu. Mr. N. Rio’s political lust to remain in power is clearly visible in his attempt to destabilize the party and grab power by projecting Mr. Kaito as his puppet CM candidate, which will never happen,” the statement accused.
It then claimed that Dr. Shurhozelie Liezietsu is a well qualified and seasoned politician who withstood uphill tasks, rendered best service to build party thus far. He is visionary leader whose integrity and loyalty can never be compared by these opportunist defectors. He has shown his political maturity in promoting the younger generation by vacating the seat for his son to take charge unlike rebel leaders of Sovima camp who still talk of seniority even for the cabinet berth. Dr. Shurhozelie’s position in the party is very much in line with one man one post unlike of those who are working hard for family and relative dynastic rule, it further claimed.
It then said the ‘NPF party’ has no objection for the ‘rebel group’ to leave the party, however, the ‘central office’ shall never allow the political chameleon to take over the NPF party through backdoor.
“Rio and his co-hordes out rightly believe and profess that might is right as their political manifesto and trying to distort the NPF regional party’s history which cannot be allowed at any cost. The democracy doesn’t mean that majority can over ride all laid ground rule of law and procedures randomly and conveniently. Should need arises of amendment for good, it has to go through proper procedure. The party constitution has been framed and went through all laid procedure and rules of the Election Commission of India and has been recognised basing on the fulfillment of the criteria. As such, flouting of new NPF and random appointing of its self style president and other office bearers, mostly consisting of drop outs former leaders which is bogus and a desperate attempt in hurry to confuse and keep the upcoming Legislator to their camp,” it added.
“The central NPF vows to curtail all form of corruption and deliver better governance in the larger interest of the electorates and punitive action shall be initiate against those leaders involved in the corruption and other offense while they were in power. The party assures that better days are ahead for down trodden public to see fair and just governance to replace those power mongers and corrupt leaders campaigning at Sovima rebel camp. The young and upcoming legislators should realise these facts and join the mainstream and start serving their electorate peacefully or face their own fate,” the statement of Shurhozelie NPF cautioned.

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