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The steps to making a nation

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R. Rungsung

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]hange, change, change, constant change. There is the watchword of human life. There had been war, war, war, and war among the European peoples in the early centuries. There had been World War I and World War II. There had been religious persecutions in old England (conformists and non-conformists). There had been wild life and deadly adventurous life of early settlers in the USA including wild, Wild West America. Yesterday they were wild, tough and rough, and today, they are giving light to the peoples around the world. Nagaland received the light from the West in 1873. It reached Manipur in 1896.
Let us take the second step to the events of Israel whose land area is 21,946 and population is 6,000,000 (2003). There had been persecutions after persecutions plus wars of various descriptions and yet that small nation is standing firm as unshakeable and infallible rocky mountain among the world nations. The only reason we all know is that all Christians ruled countries of the world give firm and deep rooted unfailing support to it. The big question ‘WHY’ is that God’s plan is unchangeable and Israel is the chosen people among all peoples of the world.MORALITY
Let us go to the third step to the road of ‘Morality’. It is that the ONE who holds the TRUTH is majority. Today, we, Christians are majority in the world through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ – the truth, the way and the life. Our political slogans abound which articulate the ethics of morality. Among these are, “liberty and justice for all”, “law and order”, no man is above law”, and “all are equal before law”. These are moral ideals which are not contradicted in our society. For example, there is justice for the rich and for the poor. Justice tends to be available to him who has the most money and the sharpest lawyers. Money works well.
When we apply the ethics of money power and sharp lawyers, the dangers of becoming that of idolatrous worshipping trend of governance arose. And thus such trend tends to endanger moral blindness and self righteousness. Authentic patriotism places morality above materials; it does not give blind obedience to politicians. The true patriot creatively criticizes the government when he perceives it to be doing wrong. Second Timothy 2:31 says. “Endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ”. There can be the idiom of: “my country right or wrong” which is purely idolatry. Goodness can never be mixed with badness. Morality needs to be true to life.
In meeties PUYA we have seen many signs and evidences came true according to the passages of time. One cannot go against its predictions which forbid hatred but love one another – A moral binding force is in there.
Our fourth step is towards the making of a nation. It is difficult to determine the extent to which the “Manipuris or Nagas” likes or dislikes is so central in our life, especially in this time of elections. A sense of destiny and strenuous moral concern were blended in all political parties to make the new next governance a place ‘par excellence’ for people. Nagaland and Manipur are like swimming in hot soup. For us there is an old, old passage that said.
“We are not our own, therefore neither our reason nor our will should predominate in our deliberation and actions. We are not our own, therefore let us not presuppose it as our end to seek what may be expedient for us according to the flesh. We are not our own therefore let us as far as possible, forget ourselves and all things that are ours. On the contrary, we are God’s therefore let his wisdom and his will preside in all our actions. We are God’s; toward him, therefore as our only legitimate end, let every part of our lives be directed”. (John Calvin – 1958).
A vivid sense of belonging to God and admitting to “his wisdom and his will” demand of us to devotion to serious concerns and moral demands requiring decision for the good and against the evil. We are taken to task to build our houses on firm foundation made of rock. No one can go against God’s plan. Let love exist among us.

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