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Monday, April 22, 2024
Zeena Singh

The Spread on my Bread

By EMN Updated: Jul 22, 2017 10:54 pm

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The Aztecs and the Incas of the first century in the Common Era used this as a remedy for toothache.

Though I do not belong there, my knowledge of it did begin decades ago through a tale told about a circus lion who had it bad when it stuck onto the roof of his mouth.

Many of you may have by now guessed what this object of my appreciation would be, however, let me take a little digress talking about its kinfolk.

Only about a couple of weeks back, a very dear one packaged a bottle full of Jam made by her very loving and dexterous hands and expertise; let me tell you that with the first spoonful came a deluge of memories flooding my head.

Reminisces of Jars-full of Jellies and Jams which my parents spent in making (besides others), while utilizing a great part of their commonly shared pass time. Back home during holidays had us tuck away all these luxuries- spoons, knives, fingers at work digging, tugging and licking till there could never be enough of it.

Most wanted and much loved choices of childhood they used to be….

…….or so I thought.

Today at my half-way mark on life’s road when I should have out-grown much of the caprices that would take first place in one’s juvenile quirks and fancies I have to own up to not having been able to shake this one off ( yet).

Yes, dear readers, I make a clean breast and plead guilty of this acknowledgement that I cannot repress my fondness of this particular spread on my bread – The Peanut Butter!

I cannot deny it its deserving tribute: this golden aromatic soft smoothness in all of its entire roasted nutty flavor, reigning supreme as it holds sway over every cracker, slice of bread- toasted or plain, indeed over almost everything it swathes. Compatibly it blends in, congruently harmonizing with such incomparable versatility – be it as a savory salad dip, a chocolate accompaniment, a banana split topping, a simple plain stand alone snack or to my very surprise , as an ice cream treat – its taste stands inferior to none .

What’s more, besides its appetizing competence it has been scientifically proven to have a handy aptitude in promoting good health and nutrition, providing energy and a certain sustained fullness that could be a dieter’s support in keeping unwanted snacking and weight-gain at bay.

Peanut butter was discovered a long time ago and despite the alterations or modifications that it may have undergone I know that it will ever remain an all time top-of-the-list favourite. Did I hear somebody second that?

By EMN Updated: Jul 22, 2017 10:54:41 pm
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