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Saturday, April 20, 2024

The Speech of Yilow Humtsoe the President of Naga National Council (Parent Body) on the Occasion of the 68th Naga Republic Day of 22nd March 1956’s Declaration

By EMN Updated: Mar 22, 2024 12:03 am

Dear Naga people, on this 68th Anniversary of Naga Republic Day of 22nd March 1956 Declaration, I praise and thank God for His mercy and sustenance of the Naga people thus far as we observe and celebrate this day with gaiety, 68 years ago our Democratic political right was established by a Constitutional Government along with the Naga people’s mandate, this is well known to the Government of India and the Government of Burma(Myanmar) in particular and the world at large. This was and still is our political right of history that we uphold as a democratic nation.

We the Naga people as a whole must in reverence and honour remember this day as we pay homage to the pioneers and martyrs who sacrificed their all for the Nagas to be a democratic people and nation. Let us unitedly pray to God as we celebrate the occasion in salutation to our pioneers and martyrs.

Today, we the Nagas remember and celebrate this historic occasion as a people and nation, however, the most substantial question in front of us is: Can we unite politically to fight and achieve our freedom of sovereignty?. The question of unity is the biggest political hurdle in our way which must be solved at the earliest as this is the prayer and desire of all concerned.

It is truly essential for all the political groups to come across the table of serious discussion to thrash out all differences and disagreements amicably. We hope to see the Naga leading and frontal organisations to jointly sponsor and take this initiative to bring together all the political groups whether big or small , right or wrong to the table of discussion to bring about the best  solution for Naga National unity as this is what the Naga people truly hope and wish for.

This is the crux of the problem in Naga politics since 1980’s and is the main obstacle on the way to achievement of Naga political freedom. Therefore, as proposed above let the objective of unity be everyone’s foremost responsibility and duty for the sake of our people and freedom.

The NNC (Parent Body) must say again in regards to the persecution and atrocities against Christians in the NorthEast region that we must unite and stand together to overcome the forces of anti christ as we can see danger looming in the region like wild fire.

We also appreciate and support those believers, churches and organisations who are standing up and speaking out boldly against such acts of persecutions and atrocities against Christians. We hope and look forward to the time when Christians  in the North East region will be a free country to practice and propagate our faith in Christ Jesus alone the only living God. Our main agenda moving forward should be to achieve religious freedom of speech and practice in this predominantly Christian majority North-East region, and also to defend ourselves from the Hindu extremism of hindutva which openly persecutes Christians.

Therefore we call upon all Christians around the world to come forward to support and help the Christians under persecution in this part of the world. The incidents in Manipur and Assam has clearly unveiled the dangers and propaganda that looms in Christian dominated areas. This is a testing time for Christians to stand firmly as believers to overcome all these challenges emerging out from religious politics of extremism.

Also, today I want to openly speak against the mushrooming of factional groups and taxation in the homeland, it is utterly shameful and condemnable as people who believe in Christ.

We ought to be ashamed and remorseful of such actions which are harmful and detrimental to our cause of Naga freedom. Therefore, let us all stand to condemn and do away with such unwanted elements prevailing in our land.

I once again want to clarify the stand of NNC (Parent Body) to the people that NNC since the past and till date has always been anti-tax and has never taxed any people, business establishments or organisations. Our record thus far is clean as our stand and policy is very clear. Therefore, we wish to say to the people and NGOs concerned not to include the NNC (Parent Body) in matters related to taxation as we have no involvement in any such activities.

Regarding the free movement regime and fencing the imaginary boundary, we must state that the Government of India has no right or authority to build fence in the land of the Nagas because the very land of the Nagas  never belonged to India nor Burma (Myanmar) but rightfully belongs to the Nagas since time immemorial, therefore, the rights and free movement of the people must prevail. People of the same ethnicity and families cannot be restricted as their land of cultivation falls and extends down to the Chinwin river, and those on the Eastern side of Nagaland has their field and land of cultivation extending towards this side of Western Nagaland.

The NNC (Parent Body) also in line with Eastern Naga People’s Organisation (ENPO) would state that in 1952 and 1957 the NNC rejected the Indian General elections as the Naga people were not Indians nor Nagaland belonged to India and that was a complete success. Similarly, today ENPO is rejecting and not going to participate in the Indian general election which is a major step taken by them as a mass movement. Following this way of Mass movement the Naga people as a whole must not participate but reject the Indian general election as we are not Indians and our land Nagaland does not belong to India as our historical and political rights stands clear and strong known to all the people around the world.

Last but not the least, let us hold on to the hope and continue to look forward to the opportunity for the Nagas to soon be recognised officially as a people and nation  by Countries near and far, and also in particular Christian Countries around the world  who stand for Naga people’s cause. May God Bless Nagaland. Long Live Naga Republic Day. 


By EMN Updated: Mar 22, 2024 12:03:23 am
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