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Speech of Yilow Humtsoe, Acting President of Naga National Council (Parent Body) on the occasion of the 70th Naga National Martyrs’ Day observation

By EMN Updated: Oct 17, 2021 9:33 pm

Dear Naga people, 

I on behalf of the Naga National Council (Parent Body) in prayer and petition to God Almighty remember and observe the 70th year of the National Martyrs’ Day. I salute all the Naga martyrs who bravely stood, fought and sacrificed their lives for Naga freedom and Sovereignty as a people and nation. The Nagas are sovereign people and their homeland is not an integral part of India nor Burma (Myanmar) since time immemorial, and history clearly and distinctly stands by this. From the time of British (UK) invaders to the forceful occupation and division of Naga homeland by the then Nehru and Unu Governments of India and Burma (Myanmar) respectively in 1953, without any consultation and consent of the Naga people has suppressed and oppressed the Nagas in complete violation of human rights and international conventions. This is why the Naga people as a whole have suffered immensely for the last seven decades which is well known to the world at large. 

Today, I must make it clear once again that the Naga martyrs had fought for the whole Naga inhabited homeland which is very inclusive of our down trodden people of Eastern Nagaland region (Burma side) and not for the present state of Nagaland alone which was created by the Government of India in collaboration with few educated Nagas called “Naga People Convention“ which was condemned and rejected by the majority of Naga people as a whole under the “Naga National Council” mandated in toto by the Naga people. This reality and facts must be comprehended clearly for all those who are still in confusion. 

The Naga National Groups who did not stand and speak out for the entire Naga people especially the Eastern Nagas who were and still are immensely suffering will be condemned and held responsible for their intentional negligence.

Also the Government of India will be held accountable if any group or groups are left out in the present political negotiation which is resumed under the new Interlocutor, this will never result to a political solution for all the Nagas rather this will be looked upon as one-sided and biased solution if at all a new agreement is resolved and signed. And those Groups that are left out will have every right to continue the fight for freedom of sovereignty for the  Naga people as a whole. If Government of India do not oblige to what they ought to do for Naga political rights then there will be a time when Nagas will be helped and officially recognised as a People and Nation by other Nation or Nations. And this may not be too far along as the political development around us is in our favour. 

The NNC (Parent Body) must address at this critical juncture that for Indo-Naga talk to be resolved there must be a concrete and resolute based on honourable and acceptable rights of the Nagas for freedom, as Naga people have been deceived many times in the past. Therefore all political issues must be settled at this given time and no post solution agenda should be pursued which will be very unlikely and uncertain. Let this issue of concern be clear and understood by all responsible Groups at this paramount political situation. 

The NNC (Parent Body) once again earnestly appeal to all concerned especially the National leaders of all Groups to come together to sit across the table and clear the contentious issues first for inclusive solution which will be  for the best interest of peace and tranquility in the homeland as desired by the people. May God Almighty help the Naga people for His glory. KUKNALIM

By EMN Updated: Oct 17, 2021 9:33:21 pm