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The Speaking Mirror: To drink or not to drink?

By EMN Updated: Sep 23, 2014 11:39 pm

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]orn in 1989, NLTP is 25 years old now and paper debates are in full swing for, and against, this experiment. Many articles have appeared written in detail with Biblical quotes by those in. favor of the Act and details of revenue lost to the state and mushrooming of bootlegging spurious drinks through out the state by those against.
Since they know their facts who am I to argue. So the intention here is to express my humble opinion as truthfully as possible.
Firstly, let us be honest enough to admit the truth and the truth is, NLTP act has proved to be a miserable failure. This Act has not led to any drop in the number of drinkers rather more and more youngster are picking up the habit -plain fact.
Secondly, our state is a secular state and not a theocratic one. Therefore, just because Nagas are predominantly christians and are the majority, religious diktat should automatically be acted upon by the government -kind of mindset, reeks of arrogance to me. I am sure everyone knows that the roles of these two institutions are quite different and that need no elaborations.
Thirdly, it is high time for our state government to square up its shoulders and take a bold decision and lift this failed Act without being cowed by the rumblings of thunder here and there, if, that is beneficial for this worldly state.Lastly, can’t we see that NLTP Act or no Act those who love their drinks will continue to drink? And inspite of this fact, if the church and its supporters continue to insist, whatever be the case, total prohibition should stay in Nagaland because we are Christian majority, then it will mean we can drink to our hearts’ content outside the state boundary, as the cause of concern for them is only within the state. Now if this, is the attitude of our religious leaders, I find that a very strange way of upholding the Gospel and its message of salvation as I am pretty sure salvation is not confined to any geographical area or location. Therefore, it is high time for all of us to shed our hypocrisy and call ‘a spade a spade’.
In conclusion prohibition will never work as long as there are drinkers and there are drinkers aplenty. As for as I am concerned, though I don’t have much tolerance for drunkards and drunkeness, I still would like to have one or two with friends at times during social get togethers’ and I am sure there are hundreds like me if not thousands.
Prohibition has been the reason for people young and old alike, being poisoned and drowned with spurious and cheap imitation drinks for far too long. So the government has to step in right away, because we want our money’s worth -the genuine quality, don’t we friends and fellow sinners? After all is said and done, let me point out the bottom line. The bottom line or the basic question ‘to drink or not to drink’ lies with an individual- me. Period!
N. Kayina, Seithekema, 9856445714

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