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The Speaking Mirror: The voice of human ethics of relationship

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[dropcap]M[/dropcap]uch has been said about justice in the world. If the right thing is done, it is justice ; if the right thing is not done, it is injustice. So justice is needed in human societies and in all human affairs. But are human beings concerned about justice towards the Lord too ? How is justice neglected towards the Creator ? How can there be peace and order in the world without doing justice towards the Lord ?
The greatest human blunder is unknowing who the Creator is. It can be compared to as if the children do not know the father. The foolishness of the people is that they do not know that the heavens and the earth are existing by the life, wisdom and power of God and human beings are living, breathing and moving by His life, wisdom and power alone. We breathe in the air but grumble against strong wind ; we enjoy the sun shine and warmth and murmur against the scorching heat ; we enjoy the shower of rain but grumble against flood. He created all these things for the good of the world. Let alone the universe, how wonderful His creation of our body, soul and spirit and even a hair is !Our God is so great, so good and so wonderful that human beings are difficult to know Him. The people who actually know the Creator cannot fully express the greatness, wonderfulness, praises, goodness, joyfulness, gratitude to Him and His glories to the satisfaction of the heart. But the people who do not know God dwarf their heart and worship many different creations, handicrafts and imaginary super beings and give their loyalty to them seeking help and protection. It is called superstitious belief which traps the people into the state of confusion. Knowing God enlarges the heart and is in the light but unknowing God dwarfs the heart and is in darkness and timidity.
The Creator is all perfect and His characteristic is all perfect. So coming to the Creator is the whole thing for mankind. All of the people in the world should rise above superstitious beliefs and together seek to know the Creator and to imbibe in His characteristics. This is the true way of human beings to have relationship with God and with one another.
All human beings want goodness and the only one who is good is the Creator. All want others being good to them and by the one who is good only human beings can be good to one another. Goodness cannot be found by worshipping thousands of any others than the Creator because He only is good. There is nothing good except the Creator. He is the eternal life, wise, power and light. Human beings cannot know Him but He Himself says, “ It is I who made the earth and created mankind upon it. My own hands stretched out the heavens; I marshaled their starry hosts.”( Is.45 : 12 ). It is “I”, not “We”. So all human beings should know “He” who is the Creator.
All human beings are created equal and He loves all and He is no respecter of persons. The greatest mistake, loss and missing for human beings is unknowing God. The greatest imprisonment of humankind is superstitious belief. Delivery of the people from slavery is to let them know the Creator of the heavens and the earth. That is all human beings should give up superstitious belief and all together seek the Creator and Lord to know Him and to conform to His perfect characteristics and live together as the children of the perfect God and Lord in peace and harmony without discrimination. Let us all praise our God and pray to Him to give us wisdom and power to know the truth.
How many days are set aside every year to commemorate the important achievements of different leaders in the world ? A day be set aside as a thanksgiving day for the creations of God every year so that all of the inhabitants of the world may observe it with great pomp under the U.N.
Human Ethics of Relationship

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