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The Speaking Mirror: Let us unite

By EMN Updated: Aug 30, 2014 10:17 pm

Ms. Atula Sanglir

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or ages men ruled with weapons and bayonets,
And lived within bars and manacles;
For ages the strong hands of power,
Trampled the liberties of the people.
The soil drenched with human blood and tears,
The sable shadow of aggression ruled the earth
We have had coercion enough,
Enough is enough.

For many centuries reckless regimes held sway,
Liberty has been driven from among men.
We thrive on war and violence,
Take from us the power of arms
The hand of tyranny from among us,
Give us back our birthright
To control our own destiny,
And the freedom to choose what is best for us.

We have dreams for living out our lives,
Our hope and aspirations for the future
For us, our children and grandchildren too.
The truth is, we are lost and confused
Each trying to impose his/her will on the other.
Have we become so blind and reckless?
Can we not reason it out collectively?
That the road ahead is paved only in unity?

The utmost might is a unified voice,
Can a house divided itself stand strong?
Enough with the divisive diplomacy
That keeps us fighting amongst ourselves,
Enough with bloodsheds and killings,
Let’s put our trivial differences aside
And renew our journey together with one voice
Together and united we can find a way.

Electricity woes

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n today’s culture, electricity is a vital part of functioning as a society because; it is convenient; it supplies energy fast and makes our life easier. Normal people use it in much stuff like: computer, mobile, television, microwave and even cars to name few. There’s no need to explain how indispensable it is for people. Simple tasks, such as waking up at a designated time or enjoying a piece of music, are accomplished via electronic means.
One only needs to consider the consequences of a relatively short power outage say, factories close down, phones and computers go dead, food spoils in refrigerators, traffic slows to a crawl, in the case of big cities, to accurately observe how power-dependent our society has become. It would be a nightmare of nightmares.
However, electricity is a constantly developing technology. Electricity has steadily evolved from a scientific curiosity, to a luxury of the affluent, to a modern need. Today common people, engineers and Government is trying to find ways to build more hydro projects to generate power and, Nagaland has loads of potentialities to transform this dreams into reality one day if right atmosphere is unwrapped.Right now we all know that Nagaland has deficiency in supply of electricity. There is load shedding; the power generation is insufficient; and even minimum consumption demands couldn’t be fulfilled at this point of time but, generous distribution without discrimination or partiality is desirable by people. The department needs to give efficient efforts and work more effectively.
I don’t know about other districts but, Dimapur seems to be facing lots of hardship by some colonies. There are colonies complaining about erratic and partial supply of powers, It is not sure up to what extend it’s true but the place where, I once stayed, I suppose, gets good supply of power perhaps it is because of the colony tag – Supply colony!? Then there are some places with half power strength where the refrigerators are no better than open shelves, and there are some colonies where four to five hours lights off and one hour on. Comparing to Kohima and on the understanding given above, it is very sad to think that people are facing these kinds of exasperating situation. Dimapur is a commercial hub of the Nagaland and is main productions home therefore, it would be very good if staffs and field worker maintain balance and please give more due importance to be impartial to all the colonies.
We the denizens also must learn to save energy and try to give effort to consume less. It will be good if the Power department meticulously advertises about Dos and Don’ts on ‘How to save Energy” in all possible ways.
Ri Therie (Rilo )
Upper Forest Colony, Kohima
Ph. 9436800059

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