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The Speaking Mirror: IBIs – A Time Bomb In Our Hand!

By EMN Updated: Aug 09, 2014 11:37 pm

Retd. IAS Khekiye Sema once quoted
“We Nagas are holding a time bomb in our hand” (refering to Illegal Bangladeshi Imigrants). Of late, much social evils have happened with the involvement of the IBIs in murder, rapes, theft, kidnappings, drug smuggling and many other social evils and it’s high time that we wake up and deal with the issue not just for the present generation but for generations and generations to come.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith the ever increasing influx of IBIs into Nagaland especially in Dimapur the population of the IBIs in Dimapur is now more than that of local population and is now the breeding ground for the IBIs. If this trend continues, it won’t take long for us to be minorities in our own land. Take the case of Assam, Tirpura and Manipur and the problems they are facing with the IBIs. When are we going to come to our sense? When are we going to understand the severity of harbouring the IBIs? Are we going to act only after the bomb explodes? Are we going to surrender our future into their hands? Today they are serving us but tomorrow our children will be forced to serve them.Forgive me, we Nagas are “courageous and bold people but with no brain”. Instead of dealing with issues that are a threat to our society in general, we are known for infightings, killing among brothers, hatred towards one’s own brother and what not. What have we achieved out of all these infightings and killings and hatreds? There is this saying “united we stand, divided we fall” and we all know that we ‘Nagas are falling apart because we are all divided- A Broken Family. What if we do away with these differences? What if we stand united and deal with common issues that threaten us? What if we stand together and deal with issues that confronts our society? What if we stand together and unitedly deal with the social evils, rapes, murders, killings, kidnappings etc. Outsiders are taking undue advantage of our family problems. If no proper measures are taken with regard to IBIs, maybe not today but in days to come we are going to regret our inactions with “had we done something earlier this would not have happened”.
Necessary measure had to be taken to contain the IBIs and the introduction of Inner Line Permit (ILP) is one such measure which can help contain the so called “silent majority”. Dimapur being one of the districts of Nagaland, the Govt should immediately initiate process to implement ILP in Dimapur at the earliest. The absence of the inner line permit has resulted in the enormous increase of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in some corners of the district.
Our leaders at the top and also the umbrella people of the IBIs should stop depending on this section of the people for their survival. Your means of survival today will be the means of exploitation for your children tomorrow. Then, you will want to kill them?, you will want to chase them out?, you will want to chop off their head?, you will want to make amends of your mistake of harbouring them but it will be too late.
Also, we the younger Naga generation should know that the reason for the IBIs influx is because of our self ego and absence of the dignity of labour. We talk about “change”, we shout that we needs change? First thing first, change should begin with you and me then only change can happen in our society. It is for you and me to be that change in our society. The IBIs are in our state for they are assured of earning a living here. If we Naga youths can change our mindset, our ego and cultivate the dignity of labour, then without any force or use of force the IBIs will venture in search of new place for their survival.
The murder of one of our own brother, the rape of our women, attempt to rape, attempt to murder, the kidnappings by the IBIs and now the threat to one writer, intellectual, social activist, also an active church worker by one Salehk Arkham alia Salehk Bosozoku, an alleged Bangladeshi immigrant is an insult and threat to the entire Nagas. These incidents involving the IBIS should serve as an eye opener to one and all and be condemned at highest level. This IBIs threaten not just a particular tribe or individual but all the tribes and sections of the Naga society and it is for us to join hands and fight this IBIs tooth and nail for our secured future.

Steve Chophy
DC Court, Dimapur

By EMN Updated: Aug 09, 2014 11:37:10 pm