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The Speaking Mirror: An insane thought for food on Naga Struggle for freedom?

By EMN Updated: Aug 16, 2014 10:52 pm

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he struggle for Naga freedom had just reached 67 years old yesterday and we’ve succinctly expressed our strong desire for sovereignty and had re-assured ourselves that it is our birthright once more perhaps, to wait for another year to do the exact thing again like the past years. We have several Prime Ministers and Presidents sending out strong messages that we Nagas are united with a common goal. What confuses me is why we cannot have a common goal in taxation and nomenclatures? Who is the boss of all the bosses? NSCN IM? K? U? or NNC Accordist? Non-Accordist? or is it the what have being rightly called the puppet Indian imposed State Government?I don’t need to reiterate what many scholars and writers had already elaborated about the past history that had led to this moment of chaos. My Grandfather told me once that we are not fighting for sovereignty but, we are asking those who had forcibly occupied our land (Indians) to leave us alone. The sad truth is we can’t even unite to fight for that cause. This fighting has led us to a point where we must draw our own lines if we are to remain divided and fight amongst ourselves all the time. We need to think about the future and the future as far as I can see is (we will be under union of India for a very long time if not eternally).
I might sound like an insane person but who in his sane today can think for sure that Naga political issue is going in a right direction? When the dialogue is mystifying and unknown, when no reconciliation can be achieved, when the FNR, Naga Hoho and ever group that tries to usher in some good conscience are manipulated in who knows what ways. The Naga political Groups will do well if they come open with their policies at least to Naga citizens? People are fed up of NPG’s ism and tall claims.
People of Nagaland are ready for an eventuality if there is a breakthrough but so far only warning of eventualities are announced. Make it happen, let the dialogue come to a logical conclusion and if it is not acceptable then tell us ‘the NAGAs’. Perhaps then we can go forward. It’s been 67 years now and my grandma is too old and nearing her life span and is never going see a real Naga Independence day. Stop fooling the old people and at least let them know that these are the problems why we cannot have our freedom till date.
If there is no hope in our fight, why not stop fooling the people and leave each other alone, because, even integration of the Naga habitat area seems to be a dream never to come true. Therefore, let Nagas of Nagaland be in Nagaland peacefully as is with the rest of you in other states under the union of India. I might sound really pessimistic but what can your optimistic strength and energy achieve? Look around you right now do you see the word HOPE? I didn’t think so.

Ri Therie
Upper Forest Colony,

By EMN Updated: Aug 16, 2014 10:52:52 pm