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Change Thinking …

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e do not want to travel by public transport because it is dirty and not reliable. We are afraid of going to Civil or Govt. hospitals for treatment and check up because the facilities are not good and we lack faith in the system and the management. We do not want to study in Govt. schools because there is no quality education provided and most of the time teachers are not present especially in remote and rural areas while many of our urban children have access and facilities to good and quality education. But all of us want of Govt. jobs and we are ready to bribe to get the job or try through influences to get them. What a paradox of life. We feel that everything in the Govt. system is not good and at the same time we all seek or search for jobs in Govt. sectors. And when we get one we change our attitudes and our behaviours. Who is to be blamed?When we look around the systems existing both in private and public enterprises we come across people who are dedicated, committed and who contribute their best for the welfare of the society and the development of the state. At the same time we do come across people who have this attitude that Govt. job means pay without work. We don’t need to go to office regularly and many proxy settings are made to accommodate our needs. We may not realise the harm that we do now but the impact it will have in the long run needs reflection and action. I would like to pose this question that ‘are we so complacent with the Govt. jobs that we don’t need to work and the pay is assured?’ or ‘is it the way of life for us today as we advance in all areas of life?’ These questions arise in my mind and lead me into deep thoughts and reflection, what are we aiming at or where are we going in this journey of life?
When we go to some offices for some work or signatures from the officials for some purpose, if the officers are not there we blame them saying that the officers are not regular to the offices and we make complaints. The unions and associations try their best to make the employees attend the office and at times there are surprise checks to make them work. With all these measures what is our attitude towards Govt. jobs? Many private sectors fare well because there is no work no pay system and the promotion is depending on the performance of the employee. There is always mixed feelings when it comes to commitment and work. We lack consistency and constancy. We need to empower ourselves to look at the reality of life and we work not for ourselves alone but for the future of our state and for the new generation.
We need to realize that there is strong a connection exists between our thoughts and our words. I honestly believe that this connection is one of the most important things we need to learn in our lives and develop it for the welfare and growth of our state. It is not someone else’s duty and responsibility to build the nation but it is each one’s contribution in whatever way possible. A negative mind produces negative words and, consequently, a negative life. Our words can actually become traps that cause us to continue our cycle of negative thoughts and actions. To turn our words around, we need to start thinking about what we’re thinking about, and then make some real changes. Because when we allow negative thinking and speaking in our lives, we became extremely negative and sour persons. There is a saying that ‘if you don’t expect anything good to happen, then you won’t be disappointed when it doesn’t.’ But we always look for the best and hope in the future because the future belongs to us.
In my interaction with young people, I do come across individuals who are committed, hardworking and have a vision for the future. They want to take initiatives, start new ways of looking at the reality of life, and contribute the best for the growth and development of the society and also to bring about change in the society. Young leaders want to initiate work culture, honesty and commitment. They are travelling to rural areas where Govt. offices and other organised sectors are not functioning properly to rectify the system. There are awakened youth who give voluntary services to the younger generation by way of teaching, tuition and also building skills among the students. These initiatives will bring change in the society. One thing that hampers our growth may be our proxy settings. We have proxy for everything. We have not realised that how much it is destroying the future generations. It is time to rethink, change our attitudes for the better and positive development of our state.
Attitudes are the driving forces in our lives. They take us to great heights or to our demise. Change in attitude can change us individually and gradually the society. We may not be able to change our circumstances immediately but it can create a new sense of commitment and dedication. They have powerful influences not only on our behaviour but it can permeate into the lives of many who see the changes in us and can begin to change their attitudes towards work ethics. We need to change this ‘proxy’ mentality and start working towards the given responsibility. We are not working for anybody but we are working for our future generation. We need stand before the future guiltless that they should not accuse us for lack of development and growth. The present is in our hands and we can mould our future, if we join hands together to fight against all these vices existing in our society. Change thinking to create a prosperous future.

Fr. Joe Mariadhas
St. Joseph’s College
Jakhama – Nagaland

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