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[dropcap]A[/dropcap]lemtemshi Jamir’s letter makes interesting reading because it reveals a few things not only about himself, but also about the undesirable conditions prevailing in Nagaland.
We will avoid the personal stuff because it is irrelevant, after all no one is perfect.
However, he has exposed ground realities that are worthy of a little discussion.
Let us specifically pick out the following quotes from his letter, word for word …..
“Our family is grateful to the NPF party for giving a ticket to my son and the privilege to have been considered for a Cabinet berth in the Ministry.”
“It is also a known fact that after the demise of my father, late N. I. Jamir in 1996 and my cousin brother, late Imtimeren Jamir in 1998, none of my family members have taken any political privilege and benefits nor involved in politics under Dr. S. C. Jamir. It was only in 2013, after a lapse of over fifteen years, that my son stood for elections with the NPF ticket, that was magnanimously given to him by Neiphiu Rio and the NPF party.”People of Nagaland should be grateful to this writer for openly declaring that being in politics is a privilege (not a responsibility), accrues benefits (sacrifice not required), and family members of former or present politicians or those with links are entitled to be in active politics and receive out of turn party tickets and cabinet berths. As is evident, the emphasis here is on being a Minister, and not to minister.
Shame on politicians and candidates for all the lies all these years!
We saved the best for last …..
“Now that I am out of office and without any powers or any means to defend myself, it is actually pointless to kick around a person who is down and out.”
Thank you Alemtemshi Jamir for this gem of an eye opener. We are so glad that you have woken up from your dream world into reality and, now, know what it is to be an ordinary public and how we are suffering because we were never in office, and we are always without any powers or any means to defend ourselves, and kicked around even when we are down and out, pointless or not! Welcome to the excluded (yes, ‘excluded’) club of the public.
Therefore, as far as the public is concerned this drama unfolding the power struggle of power addicted individuals and groups are not even amusing, and such a waste of time.
After the dust settles down, the public will continue to remain, as always, without any powers or any means to defend itself, down and out, and kicked around.
Is it any wonder that Nagaland today is a typical study in contrasts?
Sample a few :-
Penniless Government and poor people – Rich politicians & wealthy government servants.
Political Heavyweights & Statesmen aplenty – State of affairs a Royal Mess (a case of highly overrated personalities?).
High voting percentage – Low voter turnout.
Best cars – Pathetic roads.
Christians everywhere –Christian witnesses nowhere.
Overflowing church pews – far from God.
Preparing to send out 10,000 missionaries – next door neighbor lost in spiritual desaert.
Pray for different results – but do the same things.
Raining Freedom fighters (National Workers) – Freedom an endangered species (Nationhood a distant nightmare).
World class Singers/musicians –Hit songs none.
Conflict resolution experts living in homes with unresolved conflict.
Land of Festivals – nothing to celebrate (only the memory of an extinct pre-historic bird).
Talk the Talk – Leave the walking for the pedestrians (I have my latest SUV).
Almost everyone wants to serve the people – Public rarely being served (self service is the best service?).
A few tips:
To the candidates for the post of CM – why all the media hype? Try to keep private matters ‘strictly private’. Who occupies that chair makes no difference to the people, but will result in huge payoffs for the incumbent, his family and his network.
To Alemtemshi Jamir – You told a lie – you have enough protection already – a chief secretary wife and a cabinet minister son. If they don’t protect you who will?
To readers everywhere – wake up! Good morning.
Citizen Public.

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