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The select few

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Fr. T.O.  Sebastian

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]illions of people are born into this world. They all grow up, eat, work and pass away. They become the ordinary men, one among the crowd, little known to the world, little remembered as they have left no legacy to the world. But there is a small minority of people, just a 5% of the population of the world that has lived the life to the full and left a legacy. When we look at Mother Teresa of Kolkata, John F.Kennedy of u.s. Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, SardaurVallabhai Patel, Narayan Murthi and others, we find that they have maximized their life. They have explored their capacities, talents and energies to the full. They have utilized these to the last. They have traded with the talents entrusted to them by the Creator and they have multiplied these resources to the maximum possible. They have not buried their talents. They have sang their song and they played their finest symphony before they departed. There was nothing left to be buried with them in the grave.Life maximization is a journey that is painful, laborious, challenging. It is an up-hill task and a narrow path to tread on. It requiresmuch thought, planning and personal discipline to take up this journey. It means to work several times more than an ordinary average man does. It involves lot of planning, stock-taking monitoring and adjusting when required. One needs a spirit of adventure, risk taking and leaving some space even for failure as part of the whole exercise.
The one who stays afloat is the one who keeps his relevance by timely introducing the required changes at each stage and moves on. If you think you have reached the peak of your performance and want to camp there, you will not manage. You will begin to drift down slowly. If you are the manufactures of cars, you will learn that people want every time something new, fashionable easy to use and better cars. If you continue manufacturing the same for a quarter of a century, It will be out of the run and out of the road like the ambassador cars in India. This car enjoyed the monopoly of production but it failed to take the advantage of its monopology status and lost the market. I frequently catch cold and fever. The tablets I used to take earlier somehow do not now work on me so effectively. Either the drug has become immune to my system or the drug has ran its course and now it is expired.
If you want to be select few, the 5% that contribute to the world by maximizing themselves, you need to change. You need to alter the process of production if need be, new introduce styles of presenting your product, take fresh incentives to the sales people and a number of other modifications are required to move forward. Only those that dare and do, can be in the select team.

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