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The Role of Young Naga Generation in Nation Building

By EMN Updated: Jul 07, 2017 10:40 pm

As the saying goes “Freedom is a costly price where few dare to sacrifice selflessly; it is through those who gave their best yesterday that we got our precious today”. Sacrifice is sacred and divine; it is also the fulfillment of one’s sheer dedication and commitment for the love of people, nation and almighty God. Indeed, the amount and quality of sacrifices determines the fate of the future. Without sacrifice, revolutionary concept would be meaningless because Civilizations continue to evolve upon the foundation of Sacrifices.

The Naga national movement is a true revolutionary movement, fighting for the legitimate and inherited rights of its people, land and nation and NSCN continues to shoulder the duties and responsibilities assigned with undeniable distinction. It is through the sacrifices of the unnsung heroes and the people’s contributions that it continues to solidify the Naga history and its uniqueness. Despite an uneasy uphill task, many dedicated ones are still continuing the journey in the hope of our aspirations and dreams. Their guardians’ role model need to be appreciated and acknowledged.

Time for reasoning and Realization has come, No one is perfect and the same goes out to everything. The presence of vested, pseudo and uncommitted individual continues to pose great challenges everywhere and Naga political movement too is not spared. It is a fact that, one cannot straighten a grown up tree yet as long as moral and ethics runs in the society, it will refine and shape up in due process. Sharing one’s care and concern in promoting peace and harmony in the society is the beginning of any civilization. Yes, we have all seen it, Suppressive individuals are responsible for hindering the objectives and one need not be easily deceived or influenced by such elements wearing masks, for they are reluctant for positive outcome. We need to differentiate between the good and bad elements. Trailing behind those contributors and productive people is an effective way of grooming one’s commitment to serve.

Not all initiative or pursual in our lives is rewarding but with the right attitude and conviction, investments won’t be a waste. I don’t think the government of India is going to offer solution or settlement to every organization or to each and every one of us. Solution in real sense lies with us if we utilize the given opportunities to empower ourselves. The weeds of egotism are slowly infesting our nerves that, if we ignore this hideous development every effort of ours, would showcase paralystic syndrome, the current state of affairs is just the beginning. We need to root it out, and it starts from you and me. Unless, self- examination is done urgently to re-organize our state of mind and heart for transformation, we might end up regretting when an age licks our bones and skins. Let us all finish where we have failed to address our responsibilities and duties once and for all, in the interest of the future generations.

Now at this transitional era, the Naga political settlement would soon come to its logical conclusion. This is where the lines would be drawn for opening the new chapter in Naga history, the youth of our generations especially the educated ones should start preparing for the great mission of Nation building. Six decades old conflict issue have Confiscated our surroundings into unproductive dependent condition. Reviving with spadework of your productive and constructive ideologies will groom the road to civilization. Every one of you will be given the role and initiative yet the spirit of sacrifice would determine who you are. History shall witness and honor contributors. Remember that a good seed sown is worth harvesting and at the end of the road, the future of Naga nation rest on the present young generation.

The shift of time is here and the Countdown has begun. Let us break down the barrier of our possessive and conservative attitudes like the great Berlin wall; meanwhile picturize and prioritize the rich legacy left behind by our ancestors and leaders. Let the spirit of sacrifice run in our blood to revolutionize our lives and march as committed people harnessing this golden time, space and energy. Soon the task and responsibility shall be shouldered upon you, and every one of you will be counted upon. It’s time to express and transform our dreams into action. Let the Millennial young Naga generation ignite the transformation process and take the role of building the Naga Nation.


Dr.Anthony Yanthan
Deputy Kilonser, Health

By EMN Updated: Jul 07, 2017 10:40:47 pm