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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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The Party-less Government, a Matter of Concern

By EMN Updated: May 12, 2024 12:10 am

The concept of a partyless Government in a Parliamentary Democracy should be a cause for concern but much less a cause for celebration. Partyless Government in a Parliamentary Democracy is in fact a faceless and a visionless Government. The obvious reason for forming a Partyless Government portrays the individual craving to be on a winning side but much less a motivation to serve. Infact a healthy Democracy is effectively functional where there are night watchmen to oversee that the Government is run effectively. Presence of a strong opposition will keep the party in power not only awake but also healthy. The opposition party consciously or unconsciously keeps the party in power to remain vigilant and united. To the misfortune of the people, none of our (elected) leaders are prepared to serve the people from the opposition branch, thus portraying a wrong impression that only the ruling party serves the people, whereas the management of the State lies both with the party in power and the opposition. The functions of the ruling party and the opposition provide the system of checks and balances for the proper functioning of the entire machineries of the State effectively.

An MLA carries the Will of the people in serving but in most of the cases when a candidate is elected, unfortunately his will and ambition receives the first priority and pursues the matter accordingly so much so that what he says or does relates more to his personal ambition and wishes but much less to the wishes and the expectation of the people.

Partyless Government should therefore be viewed with caution rather than celebration. Parliamentary Democracy as we have in our country runs on the Democratic principles of Majority Rule and the very word Majority indicates that there are other parties too, who are always watchful on the running of the affairs of the Sate, ready to pounce at the party in power should there be an area or reason to attack.

It is the steady and the stable mind having an in-depth understanding of a particular situation or a problem and ones capacity to express with wisdom makes an able leader. These are the qualities that has become the need of the hour. To have a Partyless Government is not an unusual phenomena but to have a Government without vision maybe more of a problem but less an asset for the people. The need of the hour is therefore not a Majority or a Majority party but a party willing to render services to the people with vision, wisdom and understanding. 

Tali  Longkumer

By EMN Updated: May 12, 2024 12:10:27 am
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