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‘The Miraculum Society’ launched in Kohima

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Jul 01, 2022 10:38 pm
Dr. Andrew Ahoto Sema, Theja Meru and Vikuonuo Sachu along with others at the inauguration of ‘The Miraculum Society’ in Kohima on Friday. (EM Images)

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Kohima, July 1 (EMN): ‘The Miraculum Society,’ a charitable NGO along with its ‘Creativity Centre for Children’ (CCC) project were officially inaugurated by Dr. Andrew Ahoto Sema, president of the National People’s Party (NPP) Nagaland, and Theja Meru, advisor of Task Force for Music and Arts (TaFMA), on Friday in Kohima.

Speaking at the inauguration programme, founder and chairman of The Miraculum Society and former Miss Nagaland 2019, Vikuonuo Sachu, said the society, a non-profit NGO, was formed with the purpose of promoting and spreading education, to help and raise the well being of less privileged people. The word ‘miraculum’ is a Latin word which means ‘miracle,’ ‘wonder and marvel,’ she explained.

Sachu said the main objective of the society is to provide opportunities for study and research and to make the findings available to anyone by arranging educational seminars and meetings.

She also said the society’s goal is also to offer cooperation and assistance to schemes which are in accordance with the objectives of the society, whether such schemes are undertaken by the states or central government, by public or central government/ agencies.

“We aim to actively engage in educational institutions, spiritual development and promote cultural understanding among people and to offer assistance and support to such trusts or societies and respond to their invitation,” said Sachu.

Meanwhile, Agnis Ngullie, general secretary of the society, informed that with launching of the CCC project, which aims to help spread education alongside their ‘Talent partner’, TaFMA, they would be visiting Noklak district to provide access to learning materials to the people in the border areas.

“As rich with resources their land is, so are the people rich in skills and knowledge, deeply bound to their cultural roots while also being fervent Christians,” Ngullie said of Noklak district and its people and added that their expertise in woodcraft and handicrafts as well as their vast agricultural knowledge was to be appreciated.

Being the youngest district, they have a whole lot of untapped potential and thus need a little nudge to get on par with the rest of the older districts. It is a fact that developments are being introduced, so we want to contribute to it too,” she said.

“A lot of thought has gone into this project on how we can help Noklak in the long run. And we believe that promoting education is the most fitting. An educated Noklak will be a powerhouse, to themselves and also for the state,” she added.

Dr. Andrew Ahoto, in his address said that despite there being numerous people who needed to be reached out to, only few are doing the job in sacrificing and contributing to the society.

Appreciating the nomenclature and logo of the NGO, Sema expressed optimism that The Miraculum Society would bring reformation in nurturing of the society without having “ism”. 

Reminding that everyone has a purpose in life, he urged the youth to sow the seed of love and hope while doing away with selfishness in order to be agents of change in the society.  While Nagas are known for their “hospitality and good hearts,” Sema emphasized on the need to help each other instead of pulling down one another saying,”’we need to change the narrative of the Nagas and our young generation from the bottom.”

Meanwhile, Theja Meru expressed happiness to partner with ‘The Miraculum Society’ and hoped that Sachu with “her blessings, talents and beauty”, would be an influencer to touch lives.

Mentioning a few Nagas who have hit the limelight both in the country and beyond, Meru urged the youth to never stop dreaming big in order to achieve their goals and aspirations. “If we don’t dream, we don’t achieve,” he said.

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Jul 01, 2022 10:38:06 pm