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The Leadership Conundrum

By The Editorial Team Updated: Sep 14, 2020 11:12 pm

Many thought that the grand old party of Indian politics, Congress would change its style of functioning in the wake of rebellion by 23 of its party leaders. But the recent changes in some of the important committees formed by the party, show that the party leadership is too stubborn to learn a lesson from the said revolt. The leadership still lives in its good old world. The world which is known for vendetta politics. This is why in the recent reshuffle in party organisation, names of top rebel leaders have been dropped from various committees and their place have been taken by those, who are known for their loyalties. It is a fact that some rebel leaders have been accommodated in certain committees, but those are not more than consolation prizes, feel many Congressmen. So, the same question is still doing rounds – will the Congress be strengthened only by promoting the loyalists or does it needs to induct leaders who have strong grass root connections.

If Congress is really interested in changing the political scenario of the country, it needs to promote young leaders who are in touch with a cross section of people. On being given the charge of Uttar Pradesh, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra did exactly the same. She picked Ajay Kumar Lallu as the face of the party in Uttar Pradesh and the move will pay rich dividends to the party in the coming days, argues many political observers. But the central organisation of the party is still full of leaders who have no base at all. As a matter of fact, these root less leaders have reduced the chances of the party making a comeback. Furthermore, as they are currently occupying all top slots, young leaders are not getting opportunities to exhibit their talents.
This is why, for years now, the party is devoid of young leaders worth mentioning. It seemed that after the taking over the reins of the party, Rahul Gandhi would be able to attract the youths towards the party. But that was not to be. Rahul failed miserably to strengthen the party. Rahul resigned as the party president soon after the results of 2019 general elections, in which Congress party was virtually routed. Since then,

Congress has not been able to find someone suitable from within the party to be the president. Many believe that due to a fight between the old and the new, the leadership crisis is going on within Congress. But a closer look will prove that it is a different story altogether. Despite best efforts, if Congress is still without a president, it is because of the fact that no one is being able to pass the loyalty test conducted by the Gandhis. But, it is time now for the Congress leadership to amend its style of functioning and open the door for new thoughts, new blood and new zeal. Otherwise, only a miracle can keep the party in existence.

By The Editorial Team Updated: Sep 14, 2020 11:12:22 pm