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“The Invisible Warfare”: An Overview of the Book

By EMN Updated: Jun 11, 2017 11:56 pm

Some who have a peek already into it says that the book cover looks tempting to read while inside of it has contents unable to gratify the same! That’s because, the book is in itself ’invisible’ to many readers due to its nature wrestling against not of the flesh, but about an inner battlefield that naked eyes or even microscopic lenses will not capture yet is happening around for one sole reason: to kill the soul. Readers have to perceive in faith and in a spirit-led of wisdom and discernment to comprehend, wholly agreeing or arguing is left at behest of the reader’s hand.

Written by Husezo Rhakho, co-authored with Arennungla Jamir had its first edition released in the month of March 2017.

Nagaland is tagged with the famous line, “Nagaland for Christ”. Many of us are ‘born’ a Christian because our parents were Christian, we fill up our religion category as ‘Christianity’ with boldness because we took baptism or, in cases, because our society is Christian dominant. We belong to a Christian state, we belong to a church, and we belong to a Christian home. Where are all these tags leading us to?

The author, a.k.a Arthur Rhakho has boldly brought out in black and white with his timely research of the ‘challenges faced by Naga Christendom’. Readers will get to see which stage they are in that they have been branding the name ‘Christian’ all this time. ‘Nomination: The Grey Lurker’ is the second chapter of the book that became an explicit remark with exposition statements to the general Christian populace of how we have actually become out of our superficial faith. You can, while going through this can look together with the last chapter that says, ‘The Tragedy of Diminishing reverence to God’.

In the wake of such pretentious belief and discrepancy, the shallowness and fragile authority of faith, dominance of the dark and the wake of end times, so to say, we are in the last days when grace abounds and the Spirit of God swiftly does its work. The good and the bad all at its heights in the battlefield within one’s mind: intellect or illiterate, rich or poor, sinners or saints, before the very eyes of a comfort zone in the stability of faith and contentment from worldly affairs came a striking force of evil that only the power of God could put to a halt and save thus. The rest of the chapters can be taken in the form of a wild battlefield in one’s life at this juncture of dark forces prevalence and experience the overwhelming power of God that’s been bestowed.

When our society is infested with (the book tells more of it): self-righteousness, atheism, Devil worshipping and cultic practices, the influences and possessions from demonic forces etc, there is still a disagreeable argument of its non-existence. In the midst of all denying factors and propagandas, God is raising an army out of this generation as brave ‘soldiers’ and ‘disciples’. Many are falling away from God but many more are rising up for God to be in the forefront of this battlefield to say God is at war for us to be saved.

The author concluded as, “I would like to challenge us all through the words of C.S Lewis,’ Only a real risk tests the quality of a belief’. The time is now here for every Naga believer to generate an apologetic approach- to sanctify, speak out with meekness and fear, and to defend and live the faith we preach. May the living God empower us as we radiate His likeness and witness for His glory”

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‘When all the differences out of the truth comes in, we know the revival of God is at move’

Kikruneinuo Liezietsu

By EMN Updated: Jun 11, 2017 11:56:14 pm