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The Importance of Environment Protection

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By Kezhokhoto Savi

We all know that Environment is our surrounding which includes everything from a living being to a non-living thing. The word “Environment” is derived from the French word ‘Environer’ which means ‘To encircle’ or ‘To surround’. The Environment Protection Act, 1986 clearly defines the word environment as the sum total of what is around something or someone. Environment is of two winds namely the natural and the built environment. The natural existence are such as plants, air, water, wind, etc. whereas the built environment are those that man is responsible for the dams, cities, factories, industries, etc. Environment is the very basic essential that sustains the existence of all life forms on this planet. Of the eight planets in the Solar System, Earth is the only planet with suitable atmosphere and environment with the right components to support human life, flora and fauna. But, in the ongoing twenty to thirty decades the natural atmosphere is being polluted due to unnatural factors, while natural causes like volcanos have its own turn in causing pollution, it is the man made ones that are more rampant. Human beings are indeed at the heart of the search for sustainable development, as our very survival depends on a very narrow range of environmental conditions. Some of the current major problems of our environment are as follows; air pollution, water pollution, deforestation, global warming and climate change. Air pollution has become a major problem around 4.3 million death occurs due to indoor air pollution from the household cooking over coal, wood and biomass stoves. While 3.7 million death occurs due to outdoors air pollution. Improper chimneys causes serious problems as we inhale lot of smoke. Proper chimney is very important in villages since in our Naga society people stay in the kitchen more than any other room. The dust particles in the air produces from the non-black topped roads during dry seasons as the vehicles passed by causes serious health problems to the people. Dust from stone crusher, bad roads, burning of waste and vehicular emission adds rising air pollution in the city especially during dry season. Nearly 40% of the world population now faces chronic shortage of fresh water for daily needs. The waters are polluted through the dumping of industrial waste, radioactive substances and coal mining through heavy metals and toxic chemicals present in the water it is unfit for consumption. The contaminated water kills around 2.2 million of people every year. In the state of Nagaland the major causes for water pollution is through the sewage water, and solid waste.

The time has come for us to develop a sense of urgent need to protect our environment as well as a sense of hope for its future. Plenty of damage has been done to the earth, the more is inflicted every day. “This land is your land, this land is my land”. What land belongs in the hands of private owners, and what land should remain open to the public for all to enjoy. Land is one of the world’s most important natural resources. It provides humanity with food and shelter, among numerous other things contributing to human survival. However, it also provides for the existence of the plant and animal worlds. Therefore, it is important to protect and conserve our natural resources including air, water, and forest in order to maintain the overall health of our environment as all these resources are at some risk today. We are failing on our part in replacing the trees that we have cut or cleared the thick forest/jungle around us either for development or construction of roads and in order to fight for the menace of global warming, vigorous efforts should be made such as to discourage activities or development or business such as stone quarry, stone crusher, etc. which caused damages to environment. Water has become increasingly short in supply as the human population soars. An abundant of safe, clean water is a necessary for all life. By protecting rivers and their related ecosystems as well as searching for new sources of water, even in the form of preserving trees in the jungle and rocks in the rivers, we can assure ourselves of a substantial supply of this crucial substance in the future while still protecting important fish and wildlife habitat. We are aware of the natural disasters that are occurring such as landslides, soil erosion and floods but more seriousness is the short supply of water. Why, are all these things happening? It’s because of our cruelty. We are not taking up our duty. We are not looking after the beautiful creation of God. Together, let us save our land and our people.

Man made global warming is the biggest scam in the history of mankind to fulfil his greediness with the uncontrolled excessive use of fossil fuels. Nuclear exploration and unnecessary excessive use of artificial goods with the advent of the standard of living. In doing all these, we are not only polluting our natural environment, but we are also creating social, economic and political problem as well. When we harm the natural environment there arises the problems the problems like crimes, illiteracy, poverty, overpopulation, homelessness, traffic and most importantly our health both physically and mentally. Some of the major problems facing in Nagaland due to negligence and lack of civic sense is the ongoing menace of solid waste management, lack of proper drainage system and the recent raise in temperature during the last two years. Concerning Environmental protection, most of the citizens have the thinking and focuses on the role of government, legislation and law enforcement, however, in its broadest sense protection must be the responsibility of the people, for every single person on this earth is solely dependent on the basic needs of our existence i.e food, air and water. It is not only the duty of environmentalist and nature activists to protect our environment, indeed, we all are entitled to the protection of our environment. As a responsible citizen everyone of us should have a moral duty to protect our environment, for without environment, Life itself is not possible. Therefore, our main act and goal is to protect our environment and create awareness among our community, culture and society, for the security, preservation and cleaner, greener environment as a legacy and gift to our future generation.

World nvironment Day is celebrated on the 5th June every year, and is the United Nations principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of our environment. This year China will host the global World environment Day celebration on 5th June and the theme to bring “Air Pollution” to an end.

Kezhokhoto Savi is an Asst. Professor at Kohima Law College and an ardent environment activist

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