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The human side of the state’s chief secretary

By Our Correspondent Updated: Dec 11, 2019 10:07 pm

Our Correspondent
Kohima, Dec. 11 (EMN):
The chief secretary of Nagaland Temjem Toy has a simple motto: “To keep the main thing, the main thing.” And that keeps everything in perspective for him whether as the Nagaland government’s chief administrator or as a family man who doesn’t have qualms about relaxing with mobile games, such as Candy Crush.    

He is a ‘realist,’ he told the host of an interactive programme ‘Let’s Talk Epic,’ on December 11 at the RCEMPA in Kohima.

Toy spoke about how his passion for humanity had driven him to become a bureaucrat when his engineer father wanted him to pursue technical education.

The host of the programme, Dietho Suokhrie, asked him about his association and patronage for sports. He said that his childhood ambition was to become a footballer with Brazalian soccer legend Pele as his idol. But things led him onto another road.

The chief administrator of the state’s machinery in Nagaland talked about his daily activities: He reads the scripture and have a quite time. Then comes exercises before interviews and then come the morning meal. He then proceeds to the office. In the evening, when he is free he concentrates on his family and friends.

Toy said he sleeps well and is an early bird. On a lighter note, he said to play ‘Candy Crush’ and added that he likes sports although not a player himself but to encourage others.

As for his diet, Toy revealed that he doesn’t maintain a strict diet. There are tight schedules that he cannot be luxurious about it. “I eat less than fools, which is enough for everyone.”

According to Toy, ego is what it gets people in conflict. He maintained that a positive outlook in every aspect of a person is important. “One has to be positive,” he explained. Being positive and smiling is the key to resolve things and said, “Smiling makes a lot of difference.”

Also, he urged the people to read biographies of great people which would help them learn from the great personalities.

When the host repeatedly called him “a celebrity,” the chief secretary simply replied, “I’m not a celebrity. I’m just holding a post.”

Toy wants to impact the world. “If I were to leave impact, I would like to do it myself by setting example.”

Earlier, the host of the programme Suokhrie said “Let’s Talk Epic” has a goal to positively impact the society and the youths with motivational discourses.

By Our Correspondent Updated: Dec 11, 2019 10:07:00 pm