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The Great Decade delights rock fans in Mokokchung

By EMN Updated: Nov 23, 2019 10:58 pm
The Great Decade entertaining the audience at Just A Venue hall in Mokokchung during a promotional concert organised by The Beanstalks on Friday, November 22.e

As part of a musical activity, and to show that the citizens of Mokokchung town still loves to ‘rock and roll’, a small group of music aficionados under the banner of ‘The Beanstalks’ organised a promotional concert for The Great Decade at the newly constructed hall at ‘Just A Venue’ (JAV) resort in Mokokchung.

The Great Decade, is a progressive rock band, formed in the year 2016 in Mokokchung town, and is a well-known band in Nagaland, a press release stated.

The band members – Apang, vocals; Senti, guitarist; Tongpang bassists; Ayu keyboardist; and Anok, drummer – have been making waves in the Mokokchung music scene with their talent, dedication and aspiration to achieve higher in the music industry, which is serving as an inspiration to many music lovers in Mokokchung town.

Their music, which is mostly inspired by legendary progressive rock bands like Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater, Freak Kitchen and the like has enamoured the music lovers of Mokokchung town. They have also performed at the 2017 edition of the Hornbill International Rock Contest. Besides, The Great Decade had also performed as guest band at ZOOMMAX, Kohima 2019, at Chennai NCF night, and Goodies Café 2019.

Their latest milestone is their selection as the rock band representing Mokokchung district at the Hornbill Music Festival, which will be held from December 1-10, 2019.

The promotional concert for The Great Decade, which was organised by The Beanstalks, was exclusive in nature and all the proceeds from the limited tickets and donations would be handed over to the band.

The Great Decade presented some soulful music from the eighties and the nineties of different genres. The concert was hosted by Adang Jamir and the JAV hall was packed.

The convener of The Beanstalk, Bendang Chingmir acknowledged all those who help – morally, financially and logistically – towards the success of the promotional concert.


By EMN Updated: Nov 23, 2019 10:58:18 pm