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Sunday, July 21, 2024

The God of “The Second Chance”

By EMN Updated: Nov 05, 2017 11:46 pm

There are times when the sinners silently weep,
Finding themselves drowning, sinking deep,
In the murky waters of worldly pleasure
They once loved to swim in at leisure,
To exercise their God-given freewill,
With a choice that would only kill-
Both the mortal body and soul,
And parcel them to Sheol.

It’s their heart that weeps,
Whilst the world gently sleeps.
Sin-stained dream awakens them;
Past memory only spells ugly shame;
The soul’s gut-wrenching cries of protest,
O’er the envisioned Place for its eternal rest,
Keep them awake-wishing & longing for rescue.
But finding none they weep and weep as their due.

Sometimes their weepin’ heart is seen by the Lord,
Whose love, and grace, and mercy cannot afford
To be overshadowed by the sins of the world.
Thus He chooses instead to love and scold,
And gives strength and comfort to them.
That they mayn’t drown in their shame,
But for death, a new life exchange
From the God of ‘second chance’.

A. Anato Swu
Satakha Town, Zunheboto

By EMN Updated: Nov 05, 2017 11:46:27 pm
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