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The Foundation of the Universe

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1. The heaven and the earth are existing by the life, wisdom and power of God only. Life is the beginning of all things. If there is no life the boundaryless space will continue to be unconquered forever. There is a life in existence but if the life has limit of life, limit of wisdom and limit of power, nothing can be done in the space. But there is a life and the life is everlasting life, all knowing and Almighty. So because of his infinite life, infinite wisdom and infinite power, he is the Creator of the heavens and the earth by the power of his spoken word of command. Hence the existence of the universe is the outcome of the life, wisdom and power of God Jehovah and it is the foundation of the universe.
2. The existence of the earth alone is incomplete to plant lives on the earth. So the Sun and the Moon are created to be the associated bodies to facilitate lives to live on the earth. After the preparedness of infrastructure enabling lives to live on the earth, God created lives in the world and he created all things for the sustenance of different lives on the earth.

3. God created mankind after his own image and a little lower than the angels (Ps 8:5). Human body is formed from the dust of the ground and God breathed the breath of life into the nostrils making him a living being. Mankind has body, soul and spirit. The body is to live in the world and the spirit is to live in the heaven after the death of the physical body. But mankind is not given the power to create life. Hence mankind cannot create even a tiniest crawling insect and a smallest plant. Mankind cannot prolong the life of a man even for one hour (Matt.6:27).

4. How wise our God is! He caused cycle of seasons of the year within 365 days or 12 months. He also created cycle of day and night within 24 hours for the sake of the lives on the earth. How far the inhabitants of the earth are being served by way of revolution and rotation of the earth in the orbit without a stop even for a moment ought to be aware of by the inhabitants of the world.

5. God created precious materials on the surface and under the surface of the earth and he gave power to mankind to make technologies which tremendously reduce the hardships of mankind and promote easier life of mankind except the wickedness of mankind makes use of it in negative way.

6. The earth is a Spaceship which is revolving and rotating on the orbit assigned to it by God and mankind living on it is a passenger on board of it. So there is no room for mankind aboard of it to be arrogant and disrespect to the Owner of the Spaceship and fellow passengers.

7. Living things and non-living things all of the creatures are by the life, wisdom and power of God. A heart beat, a breathing of air, a cup of water and the different creations from the smallest to the greatest are by the life, wisdom and power of God.

8. In the life, wisdom and power of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit there is no impossibility but all things are possible :-
(1) When there was no heaven and earth, God created the heaven and the earth in the endless Space by his life, wisdom and power.
(2) When Jesus Christ the Son of God was on the Throne in heaven, he was required by God the Father to sacrifice his life to save sinners in the world. By the Holy Spirit he entered into the womb of a woman and was born to the world and lived as a man. He was crucified by sinners, he was raised up from death and ascended to heaven!

So the Life, Wisdom and Power of God is the foundation of the Universe and of all human lives. THE WHOLE THINGS NOW AND FOREVER ARE BY THE LIFE, WISDOM AND POWER OF GOD. What an inexpressible peace and joy it is!

Rev.L.Suohie Mhasi

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