Saturday, August 20, 2022

The Enemy Within

By The Editorial Team Updated: Jul 12, 2020 6:00 pm

People who plan profit even in situations arising out of adversity, can be termed as enemies of mankind. It is due to such intentions that the world has become thoroughly complicated and life has lost some of its charm. It is for this section of people that, these days life is full with hardships rather than pure joy. Father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi thus said, “there is enough in the planet for our needs; but not enough for our lust.” But even after knowing Mahatma’s mind, we did nothing to follow his footsteps. Rather, the promise of hanging the hoarders and black marketers remains hollow till date. Rarely during the last seven decades of our Independence, has the nation punished these unscrupulous elements. As a result, today corruption is found everywhere in India. Corrupt people, corrupt practices are calling the shots, creating trouble for those who want to be on the right side of law.

The shameless lot is active enough even during the ongoing pandemic. These days, starting from hand sanitisers to life-saving medicines, all are available in black market instead of hospitals and licensed medicine shops. As usual, if anyone wants to procure these items to save someone’s life or to keep people safe, he or she will have to pay higher prices than usual. Secondly, quality of such things available in black market is not up to the mark most of the times. Just to make some quick bucks, a few people have started manufacturing such items without proper license and quality control. This is why it is not advisable to use sanitisers or medicines available in the market without proper check. Only products manufactured by reputed companies should be used.

These unscrupulous elements may take pleasure in making profit in a short time. But will they ever take account of the cost that society has to pay to fulfil their lust? For example, these people do not hesitate to adulterate baby food. Did they ever think that by doing so they are only making generations of Indians week, feeble and low on resistance? These people often go by the faulty theory that money can buy everything without realising that life is a great leveler and money will be of no use when the going is tough.

But the problem can’t be averted only by accusing the unlawful elements. The law enforcers have to be strict while dealing with these people. Starting from police to enforcement directorate, drug controller, etc. all should be on their feet to prevent any misuse of law. Now, in every nook and corner of India, one will find shops selling sanitisers and other protective materials. Quality of such products should be checked to prevent any further health hazards. Similarly, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has recently instructed doctors to use certain medicines for Covid-19 treatment. The moment WHO made that announcement, medicines vanished from the market. Medicines were not available in hospitals too but instead are available with the touts. The administration should deal with these people firmly. Such people should be given exemplary punishment to ensure that in future no one indulges in such practices. Let us take a vow to deal firmly with the ‘enemy within.’

By The Editorial Team Updated: Jul 12, 2020 6:00:04 pm