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Monday, April 22, 2024
Zeena Singh

The Crossroad Remedy

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Left, Right, Straight on or Retrace? The very questions that create bewildering uncertainty at a point when we are confounded; walking down a new path, on unfamiliar grounds or while making crucial choices.

None has been spared the tight spot; not the apprentice or the veteran.

Faced it I have, not once, not twice but times innumerable.

Tumult and pandemonium resulting in a type of agitated uneasiness, an anxious disquiet inside the head, one that cannot easily be shrugged off. That which was able to inaudibly tiptoe in, wedge itself firm, soon gluing on, immovably stuck. The source customarily being, unresolved issues, anxious uncertainties, fears, suspicions and qualms all devastatingly detrimental to one’s rational well being.

This inner mayhem and uproar creates such unrest, making even the lowest external disorder excruciating.

Such an assault fell upon me one day. Everything, both within and outside shred, slit, scratched, tore gashed-just short of rupturing the sagacity out of me.

A force inside induced in me might to pry myself from this fix. Tugging, heaving and dragging myself I managed to haul and wrench myself away. The encumbrance didn’t disappear as I’d expected. It lay heavy, I was bent over, overweighed.

Exhausted with fatigue I closed my eyes.

I could now feel the deafening pounding of my heart in my ears gently ease. I breathed out a big sigh and consciously permitted the chaos to roll out. Stillness began creeping in. I stopped my mind from trying to sort and reckon. I let it all flow out. Every taut muscle in my body slackened. My heart stopped its racing and the pulsating nerves unruffled.

I ran the verses Psalm 46 : 10 and Exodus 14 : 14 in my head ‘ Be Still…” The raging sea was serene and the storm immediately quieted. Instant Peace Composure and Tranquillity prevailed.

This then was what true stillness meant. Not the quiet of the world outside but the real serene calm that one can call one’s own –within this stillness could I feel God move, when the fight and struggle of leaning on my own strength and understanding was brought to a complete standstill. Here and now, I saw God take over – it was here and now that I felt all the rough smoothen out. Let go and let God, and experience the ‘stillness’ of Psalm 46 in your life today.

To my Readers everyone, I leave these lines to turn to at every Crossroad Chaos :

Let God choose for you, it will be the right decision.
Let God guide you, it will be the right direction.
Let God plan for you, it will be in the right timing.
Let God measure for you, it will be the right portion.
Let God help you, it will be the right care.
Let God instruct you, it will be the right teaching.
Let God prepare you, it will be the right training.
Let God counsel you, it will be the right perspective.
Let God fight for you, it will be the right outcome.
Let God work in you, it will be the right result.

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