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The Crime Capital

By The Editorial Team Updated: Sep 05, 2022 10:58 pm

For the third consecutive year, the national capital Delhi has retained its dubious reputation of being the most unsafe city among 19 metropolitan cities of the country. The city has recorded highest number of rape cases, domestic violence and crimes against senior citizens and children in 2021. On an average, three rapes take place in the city every day and the number of domestic violence cases have gone up to 2674 cases in the same year and the number of crimes against senior citizens and children stand at 1166. All these statistics point to the fact that our national capital is no longer a safe place to live in, although everyday thousands of people rush to this city for various purposes. Further, a crime-prone national capital is not good publicity for the country which is known all over the world for its spirituality, non-violence movement and rich cultural heritage. Some urgent steps must be taken to improve the safety of people living in the city and also to keep India’s reputation intact as a peace-loving modern nation.

But going by observations made by Delhi police after the publication of the latest report by the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), it appears that the national capital is destined to be plagued by crime with no immediate relief in sight. The police force responsible for maintaining law and order in the city is of the view that the increase in the number of crimes, especially against women proves that now the people feel secure to come forward to register their complaints, which was not the case earlier. Delhi police PRO Suman Nalwa has claimed that several safety initiatives have already been taken to make the city secure for women and to make it crime-free.

The police may be pleased over the fact that common people are no longer reluctant to report unlawful incidents. They may also propagate it as an ideal example of trust and confidence between the citizens and the police, but the reality is different. Many people living in Delhi are still hesitant to approach the police, afraid of harassment and resultant trauma as many policemen and women in the national capital lack a humanitarian approach. The registration of crimes in Delhi has increased as it has become impossible to suppress such incidents any more.

So, shedding complacency, the Delhi police should make a sincere effort to stand beside the citizens as a true friend by performing duties as per the law of the land. Delhi will not become safe by simply making hollow statements. The need of the hour is proper policing and punishment of culprits at the earliest. It’s a pity that despite being much better equipped with modern weapons and technologies in comparison to police forces of other Indian states, Delhi is still witnessing more crimes than any other metropolitan city in the country. The law and order situation of the city must be strategically and sincerely tackled, otherwise Delhi will continue to remain the crime capital of India.

By The Editorial Team Updated: Sep 05, 2022 10:58:52 pm
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