Tuesday, June 02, 2020

The Corona Lockdown

By EMN Updated: Mar 28, 2020 8:54 am

Silence rules in the empty streets and alleys;
Fear raises its ugly head e’en in the valleys;
Confusion spreads among the villagers,
Deeply affected are the daily wagers.

Families isolated in their own homes;
Police patrols the street as threat looms;
Postponed weddings & cancelled meetings;
Friends, sweet lovers kept apart from datings.

Barricaded colonies; poor stranded travellers;
The world acknowledge Death as the Leveller.
No warring factions; no lethal guns; no bombs,
Yet the graveyard daily fills up wit’ fresh tombs.

Systems shutdown as the world face lockdown.
Isolated men realise the worth of w’at they own;
Faith is tested; prayers are said more frequently.
God watches silently as HIS Wind blows gently.

Fear grips the minds & grand cities and towns;
Man acknowledges the futility of w’at he owns;
Death stealthily creeps into the crevices of life,
Snatches away the critically affected wit’ strife.

You wonder where HE is in these critical times
W’en the deadly virus spreads fast in all climes,
Claiming precious lives as respecter of no one,
Invading the body of those it elects to be gone.

You realise you have become susceptible to it,
Even though you may be healthy and totally fit.
You realise t’e worthlessness of al’ your wealth,
And take every precaution to protect yo’r health.

Up in the Heaven God sees everything & waits
For the right time to intervene as man awaits
For deliverence ere his untimely death bell tolls;
His days are jinxed as Corona sends out a call.

He realises and repents for all his iniquities,
And for chasing around fleeting vanities.
He gathers his thoughts and families,
And pray to the Holy of the holies.

But God seems to have gone quiet,
Keeping HIMSELF aloof from his plight,
And from his sufferings and his crucial fight
Which he fights with all his resources & might.

But incline thy ear to His living Word;
Accept Him as the one and only Lord;
HE shall arise from his throne and act
To wipe out Corona in His time perfect.

A  Anato Swu
Satakha Town Zunheboto

By EMN Updated: Mar 28, 2020 8:54:01 am
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