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The core political issues of the Nagas

By EMN Updated: May 06, 2014 10:45 pm

Thepfulhouvi Solo

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]r. Shapwon Thomas seems to have had very sincere Talks with Mr. Khaplang of the NSCN (K): ‘Nagaland PAGE’ of 5/5/2014’ and Khaplang has brought out some very serious Core Naga Political Issues.
Mr. Khaplang was bone hard honest of the Reasons for his not ‘accepting the NNC and the FGN’.
In principle, he has Three main Reasons for his inability to join NNC and FGN. They are: i. The 14th August 1947 declaration was only for Nagas of Nagaland.
ii. The FGN is not of Free Nagas of Myanmar, it is only of Nagas from Nagaland.iii. Nagaland consists of the State of Nagaland alone: only “United Nagaland” is acceptable.
What Khaplang had said are ‘his Interpretation’. Any person can have his or her own Interpretation of any Issue; however, on crucial National Matters, it is not the Personal Interpretations, but the Constitutional Legal Interpretation, that holds the authentic version.
What the YEZHABO OF NAGALAND say on these Issues, should be the Legal Authentic Meaning, not the Individual Version though what a seasoned leader like Khaplang feels is of great importance.
“NAGALAND” -Land of All Nagas- is an Idea for the future of all Nagas; the Idea was in existence long before the State of Nagaland came into existence, just like the Kingdom of God is the future Kingdom for of all Believers of Christ. If any feels he/she is not included and separates himself or herself from the common Kingdom, the decision lies on him or her.
Territory is a core Issue in political matters. The question of: ‘Who controls the Territory?’ is a matter of great importance in Politics. The Citizens are the sole responsible for their Territory and they alone have the authority to speak for the Area.
It is irrelevant for the Citizens of South Korea to fight in North Korea for the Unification of South Korea with North Korea; the Citizens of France cannot legally go to the French majority Province of Quebec fight for its severance from Canada.
North Koreans must fight politically in their own Territory of North Korea for the Unification of the two Koreas and the South Koreans must politically fight in South Korea for the Unification with North Korea.
Some Nagas, of one political Territory fighting in another territory erroneously may feel the notion of sacrifice. No Naga need have the Notion that he/she is fighting for the others; each Naga fights for his/her own land and for his/her own People alone. Necessarily; one does not fight in another’s territory for the preservation of his or her own Territory.
India has given political asylum to Dalai Lama and it would be improper for the Lama to conduct political fight with China for Tibet from Indian Territory. If the Lama does, it would be a violation of the principle of a Guest in relation to his host. This applies to every people everywhere in the World.
The Rongmeis want to be in a Tribe of Nagaland; they must first fight it out in Manipur with the Government of Manipur to come out of Manipur and not fight with the Tribes of Nagaland, in the territory of Nagaland to be a Tribe of Nagaland. If they do so, it would amount to social Aggression, if not a territorial one.
The Nagas of Myanmar have to have their political fight by themselves, for themselves in their own Territory and mutually co-operate with other Nagas for a future Nagaland or Nagalim or United Nagaland.
Today NSCN (IM) or NSCN(K) have initiated Talk with India, but these Naga Groups can speak to India only for their own people of their own Territory. They can not speak to India on behalf of others.
To clarify the Issue: Nagas of Nagaland can speak only for Nagas of Nagaland; Nagas of Manipur can speak only for those in the territory of Manipur and Nagas of Assam or of Arunachal can speak only for their own people and of their own State; a Naga of one State cannot speak for Naga of other States. It is only Nagaland which is a whole State and not part of any other State.
The Naga Issue is complex, because the Issue spans over not only different States of India –Arunachal, Assam, Manipur and Nagaland- but also over an independent foreign State of Myanmar. Indian Nagas have no jurisdiction to decide for the Nagas of Myanmar. If Indian Nagas do, it would be a case of meddling in the internal affairs of another independent Country or vice versa.
Just like Christianity is the common concern of every people in the World, not just of the Jews alone, NNC is concerned with the future of all Nagas and any Naga Community which supports the principles of the NNC and its Federal Government subscribes for the future common destiny of all the Nagas.

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