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The consequences of plumb sickness

By EMN Updated: Feb 26, 2015 10:01 pm

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] am not a politician nor do I have the passion to see myself as an aspirant politician but I do see myself as a concerned Naga, who follows the doing of our genuinely corrupted politicians and no less, the corrupted big-shot Govt. officials of Nagaland too. When the tug of war or tug of power within the NPF legislatures came to light, the urge to share my own keen observation on the scene depicted by our own NPF legislatures after the split to the Naga masses. While I was on the verge of finishing it, I heard this voice, a very distinct voice, it kind of stop me from writing and whisper “wait and see what awesome events or mysteries will unfold, for in the murky stinky water of politics things changes in a split second without any hints or even takes days altogether. The waiting was worth at, thank God, the political imbroglio (between the NPF legislatures) had come to a dramatic ending. It was like watching an uncut movie, (means for Adult only) a movie with all the combination; there was the thriller, suspense, action, drama, and obscure scenes, which of course is an open secret. Hope you all understood what I mean.
Every morning Nagas were entertained meticulously through the newspaper. Like any movies, this reality movie also ended. Much to my surprise, the ending was damn boring! I never saw it coming! The paper war between both parties was quite intense from the beginning, so naturally I anticipate for some heat, just some regular stuff; like, walking out of the assembly, break some seats, mineral water bottle war, etc. but it did not materialized. Points to be noted; even most of the rebel group, as mentioned in the daily Newspapers supported the current CM! What a cowardly act after all that tall talks! There was also the humor side of this situation. Some hardcore Naga gamblers started to gamble on who will win in the end. Obviously, whoever places their bets on the current CM were the joyful lot, not because they supported him, but for winning the bets. It is hilarious but irony too. After rainfalls, the dust settles down and people will have dust free for a day or two. All the Nagas think the variance will disappear like dust when it rains. Nature is right! Things were back to normal after the final showdown. Then comes’ the uncomfortable deafening silent, which left the Nagas under trance but not for long. Our legislatures (NPF) are diehard; they are not to be messed with. True to that, they summon every ounce of option left and gear up for the final assault, the last desperate attempt to salvage whatever dignity they have left. Thus, the inevitable happens. Both groups went to Delhi and both submitted all the genuine documents, which states that the Cook symbol rightly belongs to them. This embarrassing and disgraceful event will go down in the anal of Nagaland political history as a reprehensible event mired with controversies, ism, hatred, resentment, etc. I overheard that all of these started because of dissatisfaction over the allotment of plumb portfolios among some veteran legislatures within the NPF regional party. Those senior most NPF legislatures expected that the CM and the party President with all their wisdom would take wise decisions while it comes to the distribution of Plumb portfolios not the slim portfolios. However, as confused, as it can be, the winds of decision propels towards another direction and the plumb portfolios evade the seniors, which they presumed was bias, on the part of Chief Minister and party president. This immature decisions (as the rebel group said) on the part of CM and the party president was the root causes of the face-off. If the present CM and the NPF party president wisely agreed to the seniors’ legislatures demand for the plumb portfolios, the political scenario would have remained stable (rebel group say so). The million-dollar question is, why all of our legislatures runs’ after plumb portfolios? Can those legislatures, if at all allotted the plumb portfolios; can they revive our sick Nagaland in every front to its former glory? Are plumb portfolios magic wanes? The only logical conclusion about running after plumb portfolio is simple ‘with plumb portfolio comes more fund and thus giving them immense privileges to fish out as much cash as they can, by using all the legit bogus baits available. These legislatures who fight tooth and nail for plumb portfolios are foolishly harping about their own corrupted mind. The proverb “with great power comes great responsibility,” is twisted by our legislatures to such extent that only the word “with” remains untouched. The new version is “with plumb portfolios comes plumb fund” and the new revise version is “with plumb portfolios comes utmost power and authority.” Do you firmly believe that those legislatures with such mind-set will definitely work ferociously for the betterment of the Nagas of Nagaland and for the developed of Nagaland? I doubt so. Beloved legislatures (NPF) stop fooling us with all the fabricated false proof justifications you guys mustered up every interval to cover up your corrupted tract; they are all outdated, rusty and visible to our naked eyes.
Damn it! Wake up from your slumber Ministers! The headhunting era is gone! We are in the threshold of twenty first century! Even the illiterate Nagas knows what plumb portfolio means and why legislatures run after such portfolio. Look around you ministers. What do you see? Nagaland sitting on a goldmine I guess. Alas! So motivated and blinded by your own self-interest that your primary objective is to hold onto a plumb portfolio, secondary objective is to increase wealth, to live a lavish life style, drive the latest vehicles and God knows what. Thirdly, help the Nagas through your lips service. Damn! Plumb portfolios! If you honestly want to build not paint, a better Nagaland, plumb portfolios is not the solution but your honesty in the midst of corruption, your determination in time of your weakness, your perseverance, the never give up attitude and an iron will are enough. Stop playing dumb and for once listen to your heart and ask to yourself, what kind of Nagaland am I trying to curve for the future generation, Barren or fertile Nagaland? The choice is yours to make. Hope you are all sons of the soil; do not sell your own mother.

Toshi Jamir, Kohima.

By EMN Updated: Feb 26, 2015 10:01:46 pm